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Help creator, Art Thibert, introduce Chrono Mechanics to a new audience. This collection is for everyone who likes humor and adventure!
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Posted by Art Thibert (Creator)

Here's an example of the four head sketches - Oot, Doug, Caravaggio & Zyn - that just went out.  They were a lot of fun to do.  Thanks to everyone who pledged for this incentive tier.  

I'm getting close to getting the 3D covers back from Master Talent, Haru!  He tells me that they should be done any day.  As soon as I get those in, they will be mailed out & that pretty much takes care of everything with the exception of a couple of commissions.  I'm sorry to everyone who ordered a commission, my DC Comics work is keeping me crazy busy right now.  I see light at the end of the tunnel & once I get to the end of the tunnel, I'll be dedicating my full time to your commissions.  Thanks for your patience on those.  

Well, I've gabbed enough . . . oh, oh, I'm mistaken!  I just want to give a shout out for the Chrono Mechanics website again.  It was built to reach out & make more Chrono-philes! Tell your friends.


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    1. Art Thibert 2-time creator on

      I may have clean lines, but a filthy studio! lol Glad you like them, William.

    2. William Hodge on

      Looks awesome. I'm so jealous of how clean your lines are.