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Help creator, Art Thibert, introduce Chrono Mechanics to a new audience. This collection is for everyone who likes humor and adventure!
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Posted by Art Thibert (Creator)

The post office hates me!  I've been busy making their lives hell by bringing in boxes & boxes of books that I'm mailing out.  All of the unsigned and signed Potholes books have now gone out to everyone.  So keep your eyes on your mailboxes.  

I'm now in the process of working on the books with sketches and getting the 3D books back from Haru.  If all goes well, all those books should be going out this coming week.  I'll keep you posted!

What I'm really excited about is the Chrono Mechanics website.  It came out amazingly well.  I did it with a 'little help from my friends' in the studio - Taylor Grosso.  I'm using this site as a way to promote Potholes & get the books into more people's hands.  There's a lot of cool stuff on the site - there's a whole Chrono-verse, news and the shop is incredible.  If you're thinking about another copy of the book, PDF, poster, t-shirt or even a commission, or if you have any friends that missed it the first time around, they can now get the book that you helped fund by going to the Chrono website.  


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    1. Bendrix on

      Mine arrived today and it's beautiful. Damn, that was fast, considering I live in Germany and it usually takes ages for stuff to arrive from overseas.
      Thanks a lot!

    2. Anthony Garcia-Lopez on

      Hi, Art.

      Good to hear. Can't wait to get this awesome book in my hands:)

      When are commissions expected?



    3. Art Thibert 2-time creator on

      I'm glad you got your book, and thanks for the support. Let me know what you think after you've read the fun goofiness that is Chrono Mechanics!

    4. BorgKitten on

      Thanks for my book, so happy! Can't wait to read it! XD

    5. Art Thibert 2-time creator on

      Hi Christopher,

      Thank you, and I really hope you enjoy the book. Let me know what you think when you're done. If you have any friends that have a crazy, warped sense of humor, send them to the website at

      Thanks again.

    6. Art Thibert 2-time creator on

      Hey Chad,

      Yeah, you'd think they'd be grateful, but no dice!

      I'm glad you like the website & your commission has the pencils done. I just need to ink it up & finish the backgrounds.


    7. Christopher on

      Just came home to a nice surprise, book looks great cant wait to read it. Good job on a successful project.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chad S

      Art, they should love you at the post office. Considering they lost like 16 billion dollars last year, you would think they would be happy to have all your business. I also really like the website. Now I just need to save up for another commission!