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Help creator, Art Thibert, introduce Chrono Mechanics to a new audience. This collection is for everyone who likes humor and adventure!
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Thinkin' about doin' somethin'- whatta ya' think?

Posted by Art Thibert (Creator)
Hey my Kickstarter friends, Well first off I wanna thank you guys for backing this project and making my Chrono Mechanics' dreams come true. Because of this Campaign, a Chrono Mechanics movie screenplay is in the works. It's now in its final stage of rewrites and ready to be shopped around Hollywood soon. Yaaaay! Second, I wanted to see what you guys thought of a new Kickstarter project I've been thinking about doing- This time an art book encompassing various sketches, doodles, wip and projects I've covered during my 30 year career in comics. It would be an 8.5 x 12 full color hardcover 52 page book. I'm thinking around $30.00 USD. What do you guys think? Give me some input- I would love to hear your thoughts.  

Thanks, looking forward to your responses.


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    1. Thomas Childress on

      $30 for 52 and what sounds like, forgive me for putting to fine a point on it here, a con sketchbook? I can't say I would be terribly interested in it... at that price. It also sounds a bit like a "Modern Masters" book.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark Powers on


      That sounds very cool!

    3. Missing avatar

      Curtis Windham on

      That sounds great new adventure. I would back you up on that project and looking forward to seeing you on TV.

    4. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      For $30, I would hope for more than 52 pages.

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      As a long time fan, I'd love that. I have enjoyed your inking but every time (and it's not often enough) I've seen your pencil work, I'm blown away. So count me in

    6. MarvelousJim on

      Hi Art! Congrats on the script! I will gladly back your sketchbook project. Thanks for the heads-up.

    7. Charlie McElvy

      I'd be so down with that!

    8. John Davies

      Sounds awesome.
      Could have a short story of black and white in it. That would be so amazing.