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Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic roguelike RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Descend at your peril!
Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic roguelike RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Descend at your peril!
9,639 backers pledged $313,337 to help bring this project to life.

July 5th Update: Brigands, Fansite Forums, Weekly LiveStream

Posted by Tyler Sigman (Creator)

 It's been another productive month around the Darkest Dungeon!

Brigands - $100k Stretch Goal

Remember back in February when, with your help, we crushed that $100k stretch goal in the first two days of the campaign? Well, here you go:

The Brigands can be found prowling around most of the dungeons, always looking to net a little cash from the chaos that exists in your ancestral Estate. Beware, as this unscrupulous bunch doesn't care whether they rob from the living or the dead. In other words, be prepared to defend's either you or them!

The Brigand Bloodletter is a cruel taskmaster who employs his cat-o-nine-tails to employ maximum bleeding. And he can finish you off with a point blank shot from his pistol.

The Brigand Cutthroat is skilled with his dual blades...beware the sudden cold icy stab of merciless steel.

The Brigand Fusilier employs his thunderous blunderbuss to suppress and obliterate all who stand in the way.

Unofficial Fan Forums:

A fellow backer, SneakyPie, has set up a slick looking fansite and associated forum at

 Our official forums are still a few months off, so we encourage you to go discuss all things Darkest Dungeon over at SneakyPie's forum! We'll drop in from time to time and check things out.  We look forward to seeing the conversations!

Thanks to SneakyPie for helping the community grow!

Other Things We've Been Working On

June was a fun month, filled with lots of game progress, including:

  • Continuing to build town: heroes can now upgrade, visit the tavern and abbey, and more!
  • MOAR MONSTERS: slimes, gargoyles, cultists, brigands, and more are now prowling the hallways!
  • Quest select and different quest difficulties: we've been building the systems required to allow quests of different challenge levels
  • Boss Design: there are some terrifying things you will face in the depths!
  • And tons more!


When do I get to personalize my hero, design my item, etc.?

We aren't sure yet whether we will be able to do those things before first Early Access launch or not. But rest assured, we will let you know when we need something from you! You haven't missed anything yet!

As always, thanks for the support! Until next time,

--The Darkest Dungeon team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mithra on

      As long as those guys do not chop off my hands and hang them in a tree then they are alright with me. Now the necromancer he looks like he steal a pair of hands or two.
      As chris christiansen has mentioned the possibility that "there is no tree" which means you cannot trust anybody. Look out behind you!

    2. Lapenna Anthony on

      Good news everyone !!

    3. Ryan

      Awesome news! One thing tho-The title says weekly live streams but you didn't say anything about them. Was there something we needed to know about live streams or were you just announcing them?

    4. Jacob Clark on

      Congrats on all the hard work. Also can't wait to see you guys again at Indies Need Booze. Maybe I'll actually get a chance to play the game this PAX I got caught up in talking with you guys about design instead of playing the game. You guys should show this to a live drunk audience at Indies Need Booze.

    5. Justin Clandening on

      I can't express how excited I am for this game. I hope it is everything I expect and more and I can get my friends to buy it at some point. Thank you for the update and keep up the good work! :D

    6. Antonio Ortiz on

      So awesome to see news here :D (Brigands look awesome,shame none of them has beard or moustache, I always remember Myth Soulblighter´s bearded brigands xd)

      And just one thing...if the gargoyles has some stone-form skill,I´m gonna love them badly x)

    7. Firanai

      Wow, looks really cool, keep doing a great job guys. :)
      Another thing, how are the paypal and the pre-orders doing? any chance we may see another stretch goal?.