Darkest Dungeon by Red Hook Studios

by Tyler Sigman

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    1. Quentin Westcott on

      Oh sweet! I'm going to be Job Hunting at GDC Wed/Thurs, maybe we can meet and shake hands!

    2. Kailan May on

      Will the Arbalest be using a repeating crossbow or just single fires between reloading?

    3. SnakeX on

      Congratulations! Really looking forward to seeing this game continue to grow, can't wait to give it a try for myself! The Arbalest looks super cool as well by the way.

      @Kailan May:

      Arbalests (the actual crossbow, not the character) aren't capable of repeated fire, so I'd imagine this character will utilize single-but-high-powered shots rather than spraying bolts.

    4. Bryy Miller on

      Looks like someone I'd bring to the higher difficulty dungeons, such as the Darkest.

    5. Paul Crowley on

      I'm still hoping more people will see this and the $350,000 goal is reached with backers going with Paypal.

    6. Tom Helge Hennum on

      The new characters looks awesome! Congrats on getting funded!

    7. Alek P. on

      So what would be the fate of modding support, I wonder?

    8. Poetic on

      Congrats on an awesome campaign success! Can't wait to descent at my own peril!

    9. Timo Honold

      Will you support other platforms like 3DS?
      And dark congrat from me ^-^

    10. Lars Mølgård Nielsen on

      Shouldn't the character be named 'Arbalester'?

    11. Tommaso Baldovino on

      Amazing success, congratulations! It's never easy to achieve a goal like this on Kickstarter, you've done a really good job.

    12. Robert Kasalý on

      Awesome! So I'm assuming I'll be able to choose the default color palette for my personalized hero?

      And yeah, more people backing through other means, like Paypal, to reach the next goal would be great.

    13. Antonio Ortiz on

      Now that´s a update : D! Congratulations everyone! ^^

    14. Missing avatar

      E.Oerlemans on

      Loving the Arbalest.

    15. James on

      This is brilliant news :D Like all others who pledged, I certainly can't wait to see how it all goes and start getting involved on polls :D

    16. Hulker69 on

      Grats guys! An excellently run campaign. Now get the game done ...

    17. Kyle Schleich

      Very cool, I will be sure to keep an eye out for you guys at PAX!

    18. Matt "Lexaus" S on

      Congrats on the successful campaign, Red Hook! You guys have a great game on your hands and I'm eagerly waiting for what future progress and updates will bring!

      Btw, The Arbalest looks awesome! She's definitely earned a spot on my dungeon crew.

    19. Erik Evan Shalat on

      The Arbalest looks AWESOME

    20. Juan Navarro on

      As someone who stays away from games (because I'm a comic creator trying to make it and can't be distracted) I was not only attracted to this because of the marvelous game itself, but the art, design, attitude and overall energy behind it. It was Awesome. It had so many of those (ooooh cool) aspects to it, you couldn't resist. MUCH RESPECT.

    21. Missing avatar

      Flump - the flying turtle on

      Well that sucks; pax east is like 1/2 mile from where i live but alas it is sold out.

    22. Mark Winnington on

      Congratulations on funding, even minus Megagoal!

      I enjoy the Arbalist design but think she could do without the ponytail thingee - short hair FTW.

      @SnakeX: Repeating crossbow designs are possible and even one of the early mechanical inventions, even if the term arbalest tends to refer to the European designs rather than the Chinese ones. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Repeating_crossbow

    23. Mark Winnington on

      The particular version presented here seems like a "single shot" version, though, and a rather old-fashioned one at that: it shows no sign of mechanical cocking aids... Maybe worth tweaking the design? ;)

    24. Eddy on

      congrats! you deserve it, when I saw this project I had to back it. have a good one

    25. Pablo Dapena on

      Will you be using part of the money you get from the paypal preorders in the game's website to get to the next tier? I think all of us wanted that cinematic scenes, and they'd be a great touch to the game.
      BTW, congratulations guys! You deserve it!

    26. Connor Delint on

      I love the artwork on the arbalest. Really cool.

    27. Paweł Szwarc on

      Congrats on successful campaign! I can't wait January 2015.

      And yes, as Lars mentioned, a person using arbalest is an arbalester or arbalestier (maybe even arbalestress, since we got female here ;-) ). Anyway calling a person arbalest sounds terribly awkward.

    28. Tyler Sigman Creator on

      Thanks for all the compliments and congrats, everyone!

      @Flump I've always seen scalpers at PaxPrime...I'll bet there will be many at PaxEast, too.

    29. Missing avatar

      Richard H. on


      Although color customization is fine with me, I think it would have been better if you could slightly modify the appearance of your heroes with aesthetic equipment you find in dungeons or receive upon completion of various feats of strength.

    30. SnakeX on

      @Mark Winnington

      I am aware that repeating crossbows are possible, I was merely pointing out that the arbalest type of crossbow isn't one of them. An arbalest crossbow is essentially a large, somewhat bulky crossbow that is capable of firing a bolt at a MUCH greater force than a regular crossbow can.

      As such, I think we can expect the Arbalest character in Darkest Dungeon to be a ranged heavy hitter rather than a multi-shot expert! With that in mind, perhaps this deadly lady will be great in parties designed for taking out bosses? :)

    31. Brian Newton on

      Congrats! One of the main reasons I backed near the end was to help reach the 350K goal to get story based cinematics in the game... how close was that goal when Paypal was factored in? Is there an opportunity to still make that happen?