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Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic roguelike RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Descend at your peril!
Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic roguelike RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Descend at your peril!
Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic roguelike RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Descend at your peril!
9,639 backers pledged $313,337 to help bring this project to life.

2 New Heroes Unlocked, Official Trailer Scripts, Upcoming Art LiveStream!


New Heroes Unlocked: BRAINS & BRAWN!

Thanks to all of your incredible support, we've unlocked two new classes! We can't believe we're here after only 5 full days of the campaign!


Some have always felt the twinge of knowledge just out of sight, and mysteries beyond what the uneducated eye can see. The Occultist has made a career of studying arcane, black arts. No text is too weird; no base carving too inscrutable, and no gnawed bone too insignificant for the Occultist. His devotion to powers inhuman and energies cosmic have given him...disturbing...abilities to employ both in combat and around the campfire.


A veteran steeled by many a campaign, he's a tough all-around fighter. Attack, defence, versatility--he knows his way around a battle, with few weaknesses. Accordingly, he can anchor any party. His dedication to a lifetime of martial arts means he can spend time while camping to prepare himself for optimal performance in the upcoming fights. Nobody is better prepared than a professional soldier.

Additional Quest Types

We have a ton of ideas for different core quest types, and haven't down-selected which particular ones will be in the game yet. But by achieving this stretch goal, that means we now will move MORE of those types into the production schedule when that time comes. This means MORE game and MORE replayability. Your support as backers is having a permanent effect in how this game is developed.


In case you missed it yesterday, we also unveiled the HELLION! She's a savage but skilled warrior who fights better the bloodier things get.

Check out the whole GameTrailers feature where we talk about the HELLION and other classes HERE:

Official Trailer Scripts - Help Translate and Subtitle?

Do you have Camping Skills that include "Know Another Language" or "Video Editor"? If so, we'd love your help!

Here is a link is for a PDF that has the trailer scripts (dialogue only).

We know Darkest Dungeon already has fans who speak other languages, but we also know there are even more potential fans out there.

Feel free to take these scripts, translate and subtitle our videos, and spread them around! Just make sure to credit us (videos Copyright Red Hook Studios Inc.). And even better - annotate the videos with links to our Kickstarter Campaign and/or our Website (

Forum Avatars Coming Soon, LiveStream Class Drawing Tuesday Evening

Just a quick heads up on two things:

  • Chris is working on some forum avatars for your favorite Interweb haunts. When people see your fly graphics, you can tell them where it came from: the Darkest Dungeon Kickstarter campaign!
  • Chris will be streaming himself drawing an unnaounced Class Wallpaper this upcoming Tuesday (February 18th). It will be the evening PST time. We will confirm exact time before then.

Cool Kickstarters: "Adventure Edition"

We stand on the shoulder of giants, and giants will come after us! Here are two awesome campaigns that are worthy of your attention:

The Book of Unwritten Tales, Part 2

Incredible production values, and a great realization of the classic adventure game genre! Already destroyed their goal, but can always use more help!

 Blackmore: A SteamPunk Adventure Game!

Blackmore is showing a great realization of SteamPunk London. They have a veteran team assembled and just need some KS love to achieve their goal and make their vision!

 Until Next Time...


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    1. Mark Winnington on

      An awesome name for the ranged class would be "The Freeshooter" (from the eponymous opera: Magic bullets, demonic pact and all...

    2. Balgin Stondraeg

      Have those of you asking for a ranged attack specialist considered that the hounds master's dogs might act as ranged attacks?

    3. John Schiavo on

      Personally, I think it'd be really cool to have some quests that are specific to a certain party member. Something like "You can only get the quest if you have a Vestal with X amount of skills."

    4. Logan on

      Will there be quest-specific followers/retainers? For instance, will I be able to hire a retainer to help me on my quest in addition to my party members? Maybe a Forager who will find extra food in lootable crates and barrels but doesn't fight or anything. And further more, will there be escort quests with characters being added to your party? Like taking a historian down to a dungeon to identify ancient texts and recover them?

    5. Mark Winnington on

      I believe one of the classes hinted at (I'm almost sure I've seen/heard it mentioned somewhere, maybe in the Gametrailers interview) is the Grave Robber.

      I'm really enjoying the thought of all the interlocking systems at work here: Light management/tactical combat/tactical camping/class interplay, and the way they'll interact. It's very promising.

      The art style is incredible too, very evocative of the whole Mignola "universe" (Hellboy, BRPD and others). that makes me a happy (tactical) camper. I think that - and the plague doctor class - really sold me on the game.

      One question I haven't seen answered: will there be alternate faces/models for each class? I'd really enjoy seeing that, even just a second feature set for each. Maybe as a stretch goal?

    6. Antonio Ortiz on

      Awesome update : D But like Ordo said, I hope the livestream get archived or something (like Twitch tv,so we could later watch it in Europe : D)

      Like Martin said, I could help with the spanish : ) (and Martin, I used time ago a easy program, can´t recall the name, to insert them, I could give a try and see what happens : D)

    7. Martin Desgagnés on

      @Matt: I think you read it right: 7 regulars revealed + 1 added (90k$) + 2 added (175k$) = 10 so far. Which means we still have 5 to go: 4 unannounced regulars (Jester seems all but confirmed and another seems to be of the merchant/Treasure Hunter type) + 1 Lord Tier character class.

      So all in all, 15 character classes.

    8. Matt "Lexaus" S on

      Sorry, I mean to say that 10 classes have been unveiled (how could I forget the Houndmaster and his loyal Cujo?!)

    9. Matt "Lexaus" S on

      I have a question: with this reveal, we now officially have 9 classes available (Crusader, Vestal, Highwayman, Plague Doctor, Bounty Hunter, Leper, Hellion, Occultist, and Man-At-Arms). From Update #4, do we still have 5 more classes to "unlock" through Stretch Goals (the $200k goal???), or were these classes going to be included already and just haven't been revealed at this time? I'm kind of curious...

      Besides that, I haven't been this hyped for a Kickstarter in quite some time (and I've backed quite a few of them). Keep up the awesome work guys!!

      (P.S. I'm also in the "Ranged Class" camp. Sniper/Ranger FTW!)

    10. Missing avatar

      Richard H. on

      I absolutely love the new additions. As one of the Mighty 1100, I look forward to seeing this game's release.

    11. Juan Bestagno on

      Have to agree with @naito, despite being in awe by the classes and its descriptions and art style I would like to see a ranged specialist as well.
      Regardless keep up the great work Red hook, never being so excited for a Kickstarter project like this in a while.

    12. Balgin Stondraeg

      Please tell us that the man - at - arms will be wearing a kettle hat (on of those ones with a slightly conical top instead of a single ridge or tripple ridge).

    13. Mortoy on

      Haha! Awesome! I called it! Can't say how much I dig that you folk seem to have the same taste as me. Just yesterday I was saying "Know what'd be an awesome class for this? An Occultist...has access to the same cool cultist-like powers, but isn't innately evil, so could still be a hero."

    14. Zombra on

      The live art stream sounds like a good time. So far the art for EVERY character is really good. I haven't seen one yet where I'm like, "Eh, I don't want to use that guy, he's not as cool as the others." Will be great to see another one put together before our very eyes.

    15. Missing avatar

      geogga on

      yesss more content!

    16. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      i think i can see my team now.
      Man-at-arms in front, just behind would be Highwayman, Plague Doctor and Occultist behind.

      I might switch Man-at-arms with hellion, but for now, i think this group would be pretty good for surviving monster encounters, but stress-wise, probably not so well.

    17. Martin Desgagnés on

      Hey, as my name might give away, I happen to have the "Know another language: French" Camping Skill. I even got it at "scolar" level (it's my first language and I am a teacher, after all!).

      If anyone feels up to it, I could provide a French translation of both scripts without too much effort... but I don't have the time to insert the subtitles in the actual trailers.

      So... anyone?

    18. Bob Mabry on

      Another great update!! Can't wait for the art stream, guys! :)

    19. Tyler Sigman Creator on

      @Naito Don't worry, we got you covered!


    20. Naito on

      Very excited about the new classes, especially the Occultist. I have the impression that there're a lot of melee classes (Crusader, Bouny-Hunter, Leper and now the addition of the Hellion and Man-at-Arms) and kind of miss a ranged specialist, like some kind of ranger/sniper archetype. The Highwayman is probably the closest one with his pistol but it's not the same if you got it :)

    21. Tyler Sigman Creator on

      Oh, don't worry - I have concept art for the new dungeon...just sayin' ;)


    22. Matthew Marhefki on

      Awesome update, hope you guys are ready for the next because I don't think we've even begun to lose steam yet!

    23. cryptoshadow on

      And yeah, so glad to see we've reached this stretch goal! I'm really looking forward to the new revealed classes (and wow, the Hellion looks so freaking cool)! ^^

    24. cryptoshadow on

      I know you've got your own ideas for additional quest types, but anyway, here are some small quests ideas/suggestions:

      -Find and collect the different parts of a special weapon/artefact, then bring them to the blacksmith so he can assemble them.

      -One (or several) villager has been abducted during the night. Try to find and rescue him/her. Some shops could even be (temporarily) closed until their owners are rescued.

      -Thieves/brigands have stolen items from a shop. Try to locate and eliminate them to recover the loot.

      -Mini-quests related to shops/places in town to get some bonuses? (e.g. purify a place/altar for the church, secure the road leading to the town to get more adventurers/people in the tavern, etc)

      -A member of your party has betrayed you while you were exploring forgotten ruins. Find him/her and get revenge!

      -Discover the source of a magical plague unleashed on the hamlet.

      -Destroy a strange artifact to prevent corruption from evil forces.

      -Free an area of land of an affliction of evil creatures.

      -Explore the tunnels unearthed by a recent sinkhole collapse.

      -Survival! Defend the hamlet from monster attacks then explore the subterranean halls, locate and seal the breach the monsters used to invade the town.

      -Answer a riddle from a statue lost in the forgotten crypts to gain a special reward (family heirloom, artefact, map of a secret room, etc).

    25. Tyler Sigman Creator on

      Thanks Sean - we love working on this game!!


    26. Sean Harris on

      All of the classes sound just fantastic. Everything seems to have it's own unique role and personality to it. And there seems to be some really unconventional classes in here that just sound amazing, like The Leper, and the Plague Doctor and The Occultist. Even some of the more stock standard classes like The Crusader seem to be quite original too.

      I'm really keen for this game and I can't wait for early access so that I can get my paws on it. Keep up the good work.

    27. Tyler Sigman Creator on

      Glad you guys are stoked - I was thrilled to get the Man-at-Arms back in the production lineup. I've loved him ever since my first pass in the Trailer #1! He's not the torch bearer, he's on the far left. He won't look exactly like that, but there ya go~!


    28. Martin Desgagnés on

      Sweet!!! Is the Man-at-Arms the torchbearer from the first trailer?!? Also, I called the cultist-type class first!!!

    29. Michael Riser on

      New classes sound great! I always love occultist-type characters. Got a pretty good mix at this point, or at least as I'm imagining the potential variety in skill loadouts, etc. Already dreaming up interesting theoretical combinations.

    30. Dresvin

      New classes sound great! Here's hoping for some kind of martial artist/monk class... I am a suckered for those.

    31. LordCrash on

      Please don't do the live drawing late in the evening. We European backers want to watch it as well...
      Why not doing it in the afternoon? Then it's late evening in Europe... ;)