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Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic roguelike RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Descend at your peril!
Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic roguelike RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Descend at your peril!
9,639 backers pledged $313,337 to help bring this project to life.

The Week of Torment - Content Creator Event Jan 30th through Feb. 6th, Backer Art!

Posted by Tyler Sigman (Creator)

Happy New Year Backers!

The Red Hook team has been working incredibly hard, and Early Access is just around the corner: 

  • Early Access Backers (Wanderer Tier+) will Get Steam Keys Friday Jan 30th
  • The public can purchase Early Access on Steam starting Feb. 3rd

In the next backer update, we will be providing full details on this Backer Weekend and what you can expect, including details on how your Steam key will be delivered (Humble Store). At this point we can only guarantee the PC version will be available right off the bat, but we are working hard to make Mac available at the same time and will confirm either way as we get closer.

But *this* backer update is about a really cool launch event we have planned. It's the...

The Week of Torment!
The Week of Torment!

As many of you know, Twitch partners and YouTube channel hosts are a hugely important resource for indies, and we want to entice them to broadcast their exploits and stress-induced failures in Darkest Dungeon. The more people see the game, the better our launch will go and this translates directly into us being able to cram even more cool stuff in the game!

WHEN: Friday Jan 30th to Friday Feb 6th 11:59 PM PST  

WHAT: Darkest Dungeon is a game about stress, flawed heroes, tragic ends and unlikely triumphs. We're inviting streamers and content creators to preview the game and show it to their subs. During the event days, Content Creators may submit entries for BEST VIDEO in two categories:

1) MOST EXCITING ADVENTURE: Did a party disintegrate into infighting, chaos, and death? Did a lone survivor make it out against the odds? Perhaps an unlikely hero saved the day when all was lost? Show us a good story. Triumph or tragedy, we're cool either way. 

2) VIEWER’S CHOICE: This will showcase a Streamer's skills as a host - they can submit a Darkest Dungeon-related video that is informative, entertaining, or both!

THE BEST PART FOR BACKERS:  We'll shortlist our favorites, but it will be YOU who chooses the winning videos in a backer poll of epic proportions!  That's right, BACKERS will decide which Content Creators win prizes and live forever in our Hall of Fame!

You can get involved by contacting your favorite Streamer and/or Channel Host and telling them to join in. Full details are here:


We have an official Steam page! Tell your friends that missed the Kickstarter to go there and add Darkest Dungeon to their Steam wishlists!

QUICK POLL: What catches yer eye?

Want to do us a solid? Take a look at these five images and tell us which one you like the best: 


Last but CERTAINLY not least, we leave you with a teaser image from the cinematic game intro. Fancy a ride with this driver? (CLICK the image to access the full HD wallpaper for download.)

Whip those horses!
Whip those horses!

Almost to Early Access! We'll have full details of Backer Weekend soon.

Thank you for all your support, backers. You have made this game happen.

--The Darkest Dungeon Team

Official Website and Community:

Steam Page and Community:


Official Twitter:

Official Facebook Page:

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    1. Erik Müller-Sandvik on

      The press gives coverage, you know? It's a part of making the game successful.

    2. HappyWulf

      I have a friend who is in the Press Beta already. Like right now. Like, before the backers got their hands on it.
      I'm gonna love the game and all, sure, but man, what about us, huh? =/ Makin us wait longer than the press have to, who didn't support it?

    3. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Ahmed on

      3 DAYS EARLY, YEAH WHOO!!!! Nah but seriously, can't wait for it, and the artbook especially :D

    4. Tom Helge Hennum on

      Sorry I meant to say: When and where do we get to vote for streamers to be chosen to host the week of torment?

    5. Tom Helge Hennum on

      When and where do we get to vote for streamers to be chosen to host the week of Torment.

    6. J.R. Riedel on

      Sounds like you did a good job thinking things through then!

    7. Missing avatar



    8. Tyler Sigman Creator on

      Ok, let's get some of these answered!
      @Sean Anyone is welcome to stream the game.
      @J.R. The price is $20 but the Steam purchasers don't get access to the other rewards that $20 Kickstarter backers do, nor do they get the early release. Also, we have an extra bonus in the works for $20 Kickstarter backers to show our appreciation. Hope to cover it in the next backer update.
      @Harith: We're working on it! Hope to be able to do it if at all possible!
      @Paul: Correct, choosing a Steam key does not prevent you from getting a DRM free build later, if you wish it. But there will be no DRM free offerings during the Early Access period.

    9. Sean M Dunstan

      Will it be okay for people who aren't content creators, but are just people with Twitch accounts, to stream the game before full release?

    10. J.R. Riedel on

      Excellent news that early access is coming.

      If we want to share the joy (or torment, it is a dark dungeon after all) with out friends, what is the buy in price for non backers?

      I assume it will be more than US$20, since otherwise I fear a lot of people would complain.

    11. Alzorath on

      lol... then there's those of us content creators who backed you already :) (I assume all we have to do is email you the video links regardless) ...

    12. Harith on

      This Mac backer is crossing his fingers for a simultaneous early access release!

    13. Alex Rowley on

      wow early access 3 days before general release on steam, you are truly spoiling us.

    14. Missing avatar

      Leonardo on

      Thanks for the tip Kraken!

    15. Petr Stoudek on

      +1 to Kraken advice.

    16. Kraken on

      For those not seeing the images, disable adblock.
      The image names are registering as false-positive.

    17. Fawzi Menkhour on

      Cool update, things are looking good for the early-access launch!

      Also it might be best restart the poll once it's fixed because the 5 images aren't visible.

    18. Missing avatar

      Scott Tooker

      Any chance of a 5k version of the wallpaper for my iMac? Or a 2880x1800 version for my MacBook Pro?

    19. Paul Round

      Quick poll link worked fine for me - I liked the first one the most by some way. Seems to fit the theme best. Looking forward to this, please don't let me down :-)

    20. Michael Moore

      Try hitting refresh.

    21. Missing avatar

      Aurélien François on

      Can't see the imageq in the quick poll :x

      Can't wait to get the early access =D

    22. Taylor Smith on

      Confirming that I too cannot see the images in the "QUICK POLL".

    23. Tzameti on

      "QUICK POLL: What catches yer eye?

      Want to do us a solid? Take a look at these five images and tell us which one you like the best:"

      how can i see the five images ??

    24. Paul on

      Woohoo! I'm sure this has been covered elsewhere, but playing early access on Steam doesn't lock us in to having the full version on Steam, right? I still want a DRM free full version.

    25. Chris Z.

      Any idea when early access will be done for Nomad backers to get steam keys? This update makes me wish I pledged more to get early access :'(