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Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic roguelike RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Descend at your peril!
Created by

Tyler Sigman

9,639 backers pledged $313,337 to help bring this project to life.

Dev Update April 10th: Colorful rosters and looming threats!


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Development Update - Month in Review, GDC, SXSW, and the Road Ahead


Hello everyone!

As you know, we launched Early Access on February 3. And what a subsequent few weeks it's been!

We can definitely say that the game has blown away our expectations. Of course, none of this should be news to you--as a backer, you've believed in it since the beginning. (And we're thankful!)


We've posted a short development update at the following link. While it won't answer every question you have, it should give you a rough idea of what we've been spending our time on, and what lies ahead.

In short, with SXSW (South by Southwest) concluded, we're looking forward to getting back to semi-normal development. We say "semi-normal", because with such a big audience now, keeping up with support and community management will continue to take some percentage of our time.

Read the Red Hook update below:


We are also incredibly saddened to report that Tyler's father passed away on March 10th. They were very close, and it is a difficult time for him.

Because of the nature of our very small development team, it's impossible for an event of this magnitude to not affect the project. Tyler is the game designer/producer on the game, and the co-founder of Red Hook.  Right now Tyler is away, spending time with his family and dealing with the unfortunate logistics that occur when a loved one dies.

Although this will undoubtedly affect some of our planned schedule, please rest assured that it in no way endangers the overall health of the game long-term. It is just something that we must deal with in the present as best we can, before eventually returning to our normal routine.

We ask that you are patient and understanding during this difficult time. Some of the updates that require design support may be delayed, and parts of the schedule may need refactored.

Please know that we are still working very hard, and we can't wait to add more to the game and begin working down the rest of the Kickstarter features and rewards, too.  Thanks to your support, you have made Darkest Dungeon a success already, and we've still got a ton of wonderful things planned for the future.

Happy dungeoneering,

--The Darkest Dungeon Team

Backer Early Access - How to Get your Darkest Dungeon Steam Key!


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The Week of Torment - Content Creator Event Jan 30th through Feb. 6th, Backer Art!


Happy New Year Backers!

The Red Hook team has been working incredibly hard, and Early Access is just around the corner: 

  • Early Access Backers (Wanderer Tier+) will Get Steam Keys Friday Jan 30th
  • The public can purchase Early Access on Steam starting Feb. 3rd

In the next backer update, we will be providing full details on this Backer Weekend and what you can expect, including details on how your Steam key will be delivered (Humble Store). At this point we can only guarantee the PC version will be available right off the bat, but we are working hard to make Mac available at the same time and will confirm either way as we get closer.

But *this* backer update is about a really cool launch event we have planned. It's the...

The Week of Torment!
The Week of Torment!

As many of you know, Twitch partners and YouTube channel hosts are a hugely important resource for indies, and we want to entice them to broadcast their exploits and stress-induced failures in Darkest Dungeon. The more people see the game, the better our launch will go and this translates directly into us being able to cram even more cool stuff in the game!

WHEN: Friday Jan 30th to Friday Feb 6th 11:59 PM PST  

WHAT: Darkest Dungeon is a game about stress, flawed heroes, tragic ends and unlikely triumphs. We're inviting streamers and content creators to preview the game and show it to their subs. During the event days, Content Creators may submit entries for BEST VIDEO in two categories:

1) MOST EXCITING ADVENTURE: Did a party disintegrate into infighting, chaos, and death? Did a lone survivor make it out against the odds? Perhaps an unlikely hero saved the day when all was lost? Show us a good story. Triumph or tragedy, we're cool either way. 

2) VIEWER’S CHOICE: This will showcase a Streamer's skills as a host - they can submit a Darkest Dungeon-related video that is informative, entertaining, or both!

THE BEST PART FOR BACKERS:  We'll shortlist our favorites, but it will be YOU who chooses the winning videos in a backer poll of epic proportions!  That's right, BACKERS will decide which Content Creators win prizes and live forever in our Hall of Fame!

You can get involved by contacting your favorite Streamer and/or Channel Host and telling them to join in. Full details are here:


We have an official Steam page! Tell your friends that missed the Kickstarter to go there and add Darkest Dungeon to their Steam wishlists!

QUICK POLL: What catches yer eye?

Want to do us a solid? Take a look at these five images and tell us which one you like the best: 


Last but CERTAINLY not least, we leave you with a teaser image from the cinematic game intro. Fancy a ride with this driver? (CLICK the image to access the full HD wallpaper for download.)

Whip those horses!
Whip those horses!

Almost to Early Access! We'll have full details of Backer Weekend soon.

Thank you for all your support, backers. You have made this game happen.

--The Darkest Dungeon Team

Official Website and Community:

Steam Page and Community:


Official Twitter:

Official Facebook Page:

Early Access Dates, Backer Art Pack, and More!


We have a TON of exciting news to cover in this update, so let's dive right in!

Early Access Steam Launch and Backer Access Dates!

We are happy to announce that Early Access launch (Steam only!) is planned for Tuesday February 3rd, 2015! That's less than two months away!

Backer Early Weekend: EVEN BETTER, we are planning on giving all Early Access backers access starting on the preceding weekend! (We are aiming to send keys out no later than Friday January 30th but will confirm exact time and day as we get closer.)

Other Backer Rewards Will Come Later: Early Access is just one step towards our final release which will come in mid to late 2015. Your other backer rewards (depending on your pledge level) such as personalized heroes, personalized items, art books, soundtracks, and so on will all come later.

You haven't missed anything and we haven't forgotten about those things! First step is getting the game in great shape, and then we'll shift focus to get some of those things taken care of. We are excited about rolling out the personalized heroes and trinkets, especially! 

What will Early Access Feature? We are incredibly excited about the Early Access program. Our strategy has always been to make sure that what we deliver as an Early Access game is super fun and doesn't feel like a "half-made" game.  Although we will be adding tons of new features and content throughout Early Access, what we launch will still deliver many hours of gameplay.  As we get closer, we'll confirm exactly what's in the build.

Darkest Dungeon Confirmed for PlayStation (PS4, Vita)

Yesterday, as part of the PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas, Darkest Dungeon had some screen time during the keynote! We announced that the game is coming to PS4 and Vita in 2015! We're excited to expand the reach to consoles and handheld gamers.

You can check out the teaser trailer here, and catch a glimpse of the first Warrens boss towards the end!

Will I Get a PlayStation Key as part of my pledge? We don't have a firm answer for you yet. We are not free to distribute PlayStation keys in the same way that we can give out Steam keys, so this makes it somewhat unlikely. Also, at the time of the Kickstarter, there was no PlayStaiton version announced, so we priced and set up the tiers based only on PC/Mac/Linux.  But we have a few more conversations to have with the storefronts before we can answer with 100% certainty.

Development Update!

We've been like a well-oiled machine this past couple months, cranking away on new stuff! We also added some temporary help in the way of extra programming and design horsepower, to help stay on schedule. This has also helped us do some things before Early Access that we previously thought we'd do later. All together, we have a great team working their butts off! We really enjoy making Darkest Dungeon, and are grateful to all of you for making it possible.

Here's a sampling of awesome stuff we've touched in the past two months:

  • New drag and drop interface for town, hero roster, inventory
  • Tons of new interactive objects ('curios') in the dungeons
  • Warrens monsters and warrens boss fully playable
  • Over 100 equippable items ('trinkets') to augment heroes
  • More Affliction act out behaviors
  • More voice-over narration by the one and only Wayne June in work
  • TONS of new combat effects and art
  • Town graphics and user interface
  • Plus much more!

Merchant Class Poll Results

The results are in from the previous Backer Poll, which was about what visual theme the Merchant class hero should be. The "Silk Road" concept won the day. "A wealthy aristocrat and antiquarian with a keen eye for the ancient and the valuable. "

When we begin designing the Merchant class, she will fit this concept. Thank you for your feedback!  It is awesome to have almost 5,000 responses! We'll do more of these polls in the future.

Merchant Class Poll Results
Merchant Class Poll Results

 Backer-Exclusive Rough Concept Art Pack

We thought it would be fun to share some rough/in-development artwork with you all - click here to download the exclusive BackerPack! (Zip, 3MB).  This shows a sampling of Chris' work as he builds up to final art. A little "behind the scenes" for you!

That will about do it!  Don't forget to stop by the forums at, or you can catch us on Twitter and Facebook.  

Happy Holidays! 

--The Darkest Dungeon Team