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Based on the award winning book written by Patrick Rothfuss.
Playing cards based on the award winning book, The Name of the Wind, written by Patrick Rothfuss. Status:DELIVERED
Playing cards based on the award winning book, The Name of the Wind, written by Patrick Rothfuss. Status:DELIVERED
11,334 backers pledged $589,660 to help bring this project to life.

Art Print and some dice

You can find the Ambrose art print we posted earlier this week below. 

There are also a couple variant versions of the dice that I wanted to get your input on. We were originally putting in several orders through Chessex but they found they didn't have as much in inventory as they originally thought. When trying to order more, they then discovered what we wanted had been discontinued. So now I have some images of a variation we could go with that they have in stock.

Pledge Manager

We're testing out the pledge manager on some test groups tonight for the Dragon Whisperer project. With any luck, we'll finish that up this week and be able to roll it out to everyone on this project next week.

So for all of those that missed the project and want to back it still, we'll let you know how you can do that when the pledge manager goes live for this project.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mathis

      Do we have an ETA on shipping?

    2. Øyvind Henriksen on

      Agree with Jamie. I prefer the copper/green ones. And I'm not in a hurry, so I don't mind waiting a bit longer to get those ones.

    3. Missing avatar

      sam baskin on

      I like the new dice

    4. Stephen E Brown

      Heh. Ambrose looks surprisingly like a friend of mine who makes a lot of money and has a sense of humour which tends toward bastard-like behaviour.

      As to the dice, I like the blue and silver with the copper much better, I may add some to my order if it's possible with the pledge manager.

    5. Jamie Wells on

      I prefer the copper/green dice. Copper oxidizes to a green colour, which gave the dice and nice aging effect, IMO.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      I don't like the silver pips either, not enough contrast.

    7. Monika Ptok-Byard on

      I also like the copper/green better. But the new ones look good as well.

    8. Simon Slangen on

      Here's how the second design might look with white pips:

    9. Brandon Grech on

      Oh now that Justin mentioned the iron wheel I'm having second thoughts... that is true, silver does have its upside

    10. Justin Carvalho on

      I liked the copper/green colors better, but I'm loving the metallic pips because it makes the iron wheel look more authentic.

    11. Katherine Smith on

      I like the new color scheme much better than the old one. It might not be what you had envisioned but I really like it.

    12. Brandon Grech on

      I prefer the old dice better. Perhaps a simple photo edit of these pictures to turn the silver pips to white might decide whether they would be better off or not. I think white pips would win me over

    13. Missing avatar

      Alyss Sippel on

      I hope I never run into Jim Butcher because I might want to punch him.

      As for the dice, I very much prefer the old green/copper ones. If white pips are an option for these, I'd go that route for sure. If I didn't already foresee the fulfillment nightmare, I'd second Sharlene's idea or the option of those with dice being able to sub one of the other sets.

    14. Cullen Gilchrist

      I definately preferred the old style of dice :/

    15. Sharlene Glennie

      I definitely prefer the copper/green dice if it's still possible to get those. Do they know how much stock they have, and could you maybe do a poll of those wanting those dice to see if there's enough of the copper/green for those who prefer them (will make it like a KS exclusive :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Kent Hall on

      I really like the new dice variant!

    17. Tiago Fumian Guimarães on

      I've been looking at both pictures and I can't decide which one I like better, so I guess it's all the same to me. Would be happy to get any of the variants (best case scenario would be getting at least one of each, but I don't think we'll get to choose...).

    18. Lucian Levine on

      I like the copper/blue/silver dice, I'm not sure if I like them the same as the copper/green/white, or more, but I definitely like them at least as much.

    19. Mary-Lynn on

      The colors are fine on the dice but I'd prefer the pips and wheel in white. I'm generally not playing games in the best lighting and higher contrast is better.

    20. Jason on

      The pentagram on the cloak clasp is a very nice touch. I admit Ambrose doesn't look anything like how I imagined him (compared to say, Kilvin) but that's nothing against AD.

      The dice design is great, though I'm not sure which I prefer more, honestly.

    21. James Fearnley

      I do LOVE the pentagram detail on the cloak pin! Very nice nod!

    22. Missing avatar

      Sarah Hartman on

      I love the dice. The colors are great. The old colors were good as well, but I prefer this color scheme myself.

    23. Steph Kelley on

      I liked the green/copper/white dice better. These are ok too, but I think the others were spiffy-er.

    24. Lisa Kruse

      As one with dice coming, I definitely prefer the orange/green to the orange/silver. Personally I think these are kind of ugly

    25. Kouture Crochet on

      The arm looks weird. That's a strange way to hold a flower.

      Dice are design is fine but I don't like the colors.

    26. Miranda Steed on

      In case anyone wants a quick link to the old version, here ya go:

      I personally prefer the orange/blue/silver to the orange/green/white, but I am definitely a blue and silver person. :)

    27. Simon Slangen on

      @Mike: Yes, that'd do the trick!

    28. Missing avatar

      Mike Harmon on

      I think the dice colors are nice, but the wheel/dots would still look better in white. Ambrose looks like a Jakis! :)

    29. Simon Slangen on

      Hmm... Not a big fan of the new dice. Orangie-green + white worked better IMO than orangie-blue + black(?) + silver.

      Thanks for the update. :)

    30. Starrla Bond on

      Those new blue and copper dice look great! I hope I can add those to my order when the pledge manager comes online!

    31. Jennie Cauwels on

      I actually prefer the blue and copper dice to the green and copper. The green and copper remind me of camouflage and it's not my thing.

    32. Danielle Bednar on

      Those dice look just as good!