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Playing cards based on the award winning book, The Name of the Wind, written by Patrick Rothfuss. Status:DELIVERED
Playing cards based on the award winning book, The Name of the Wind, written by Patrick Rothfuss. Status:DELIVERED
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Pip Examples

Posted by Albino Dragon (Creator)

Shane worked up some examples of the standard cards so you guys could see how we are handling the pips. We've also included a legend to explain what each one is.

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    1. Shane Tyree on

      @ Robert, all the corner pip designs are standardized, and of a slightly different design than the rest. So they are cleaner, and more uniform :)

    2. Robert Wright on

      Looking at the different pips. The Spade pip under the 5 is shaped more like the King pip, as opposed to the Folly pip. I wouldn't put Folly into the King pip, but I wonder if it would look better if they were all shaped the same. I also notice the Diamond under the 2 is narrower than the Lamp Diamond. The other 2 look close, but are probably slightly different.

    3. Chris Vasko on

      I love it. You did what I suggested and made it even better1 major kudos!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Felicity Hill on

      I like the list so far but it does seem a shame to leave poor Willem out. If Stancheon and Deoch are sharing the King of Hearts maybe Willem and Simmon share the Jack? They are usually hanging out together after all :) Just an idea anyway

    5. Missing avatar

      Florian Riguccini on

      @Jenni : I reallly wish their could add a tarot deck too

    6. John Oswald

      No Willem? Poor guy! Left out in the cold!

    7. Stephen Cowart on

      Looks like a great list! I'm always iffy personally when I see pictures of the characters I have so lovingly crafted in my mind. You're work so far is great so I can't wait though.

    8. Shane Tyree on

      Here is the current deck list to be codified in an update to come.



      Spades -

      A: folly
      K: Kote
      Q: Denna
      J: Bast

      Hearts -

      A: Talent pipes
      K: Stancheon Deoch
      Q: Fela
      J: Simmon

      Diamonds -

      A: ever burning lamp
      K: Kilvin - black
      Q: Devi
      J: Ambrose

      Clubs -

      A: lute
      K: Father
      Q: mother
      J: Kvothe

    9. Jenni Merrifield on

      @Michael: I wouldn't be surprised if you've that's close to their plan, though I think that clubs would need to be something different, since we really don't know the people of the troupe (except, I suppose, his parent's, but even if they were King & Queen it leaves Jack to be completed). And then there's the question of where to put Denna. With your suggestion that would make the place for her the Queen of Hearts, but that's so terribly cliche I really hope she *isn't*. (In fact, I'd almost rather see her as the Queen of Spades!)

      And, you know, I almost wish this were going to be a Tarot deck instead of a standard playing card deck. That would give four more face cards (adding "Knight" to go with King, Queen and Page/Jack) and all 21 of the Major Arcana for illustrations. But then it would take a lot longer to design the whole deck....

    10. Jenni Merrifield on

      These's are lovely, and so much more interesting than plain clubs, diamonds, spades and hearts.

    11. Mike Loftus on

      Heehee. See my comment on the last update. :)

    12. M. Varihue on

      This makes me contemplate who would be the face cards in each suit. Would it follow that clubs would be Kvothe's troupe (or more rightly, his father's troupe), diamonds would be the university, hearts as the Eolian/music, and clubs as... folly. I was wondering if the Chandrian would make an appearance in one of the suits, and that would fit there.

    13. Magnus Martensson on

      These, as well as the borders, look amazing.

    14. Erin Sanderson on

      Shane, you rock! Mr. R. himself better be working on a plan to hand you your talent pipes, cuz you are bringin' down the house here! :)

    15. Shane Tyree on

      Hey Glen we ran out of time to edit this update, maybe in another if Erik can squeeze it in. :(

    16. Glen Bricker on

      Those look really fantastic. Can we get a close up of the images like the Wagon too

    17. Anastasiya Babich on

      Folly*. But yes, beautiful. Can't wait!

    18. Missing avatar

      Daniel Cressman on

      Those are gorgeous! I'm really looking forward to this. :)

    19. Rachel Lange on

      Wow these are amazing! Just beautiful :)

    20. Brad Warren

      Looking good guys!

    21. Stephen Cowart on

      That is insanely cool!