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A superhero themed card and dice game designed to be easy to learn but hard to master.
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Funding the Dream and Rules Clarifications

Posted by Albino Dragon (Creator)

Funding the Dream

When I first started my Kickstarter campaign I only knew what I had learned by watching other Kickstarter projects. Shortly after, I found a wealth of information in The Game Whisperer's podcast, Funding the Dream. I met with him personally and he offered me loads of advice and encouragement on my project. 

I would say that if you felt I ran a solid project during the funding phase (we are far from done) then it's safe to say this man helped me make that happen. He is now running his own Kickstarter project to raise funds to continue producing this free resource to everyone. I would strongly encourage anyone that would like to see more well-run Kickstarter campaigns to give a little love to his project:

And incidentally, I was featured on the latest podcast of Season 2. Check it out if you'd like to know more about Genegrafter:


There have been some questions about the rules that I wanted to clarify here. If they are still not clear in any way please let me know, otherwise they'll most likely end up in the rulebook that way.

Standard Turn Phases:

You must draw a card first and discard last, but playing a Character and Battle may happen in any order. If there are multiple players to battle you could even play a Character, battle one opponent, play another Character and battle the second opponent. 

DNA Strand:

If you draw this card, it is revealed and placed on the table. You then draw another card.

Playing a Character:

It is mandatory to play at least one Character card from your hand if you have one. So if you have three Characters in hand, you can play one to three Characters in the turn, but you must play at least one.


The rulebook mentions an ability image, these have not been added to the card templates in the print and play version you have been provided. Once the artwork is finalized this section will be cleaned up so that the same image is used in both places more accurately.

Ability Resolution:

Abilities are resolved in the order in which they were last played. So the last card played, is the first one to be resolved (that is, its effect takes place).

Rolling Dice:

The attacker always rolls red dice and the defender always rolls blue dice. 

Battle Cleanup:

After a battle has finished, discard all Ability cards used.

Card Specific

Tag Team: The additional character is one that you control. (You cannot use an opponent's Character to attack or defend).

Enlightenment is cumulative. So if you have the matching power, you would look at the target player's hand AND choose one card from there to put into your own hand.

Heal Minor Wounds resolves after all damage is dealt.

Lucky Shot and Roll Again can be used on any roll during battle. They wait to be resolved until there is at least one object that they can affect (in this case dice).

Let me know if I missed anything that you have questions on.


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    1. Albino Dragon 25-time creator

      That would be awesome if you don't mind. We're still making some wording changes before we go to print though, so I would suggest waiting until everything is final before doing that so that you don't waste any time with changes in the future.

    2. Missing avatar


      i have made some sheet of label for frenchyfy the game

      did you want the files ( if there is another french guy )
      or may be i can post them in BGG files section