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A superhero themed card and dice game designed to be easy to learn but hard to master.
A superhero themed card and dice game designed to be easy to learn but hard to master.
274 backers pledged $14,617 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      on January 11, 2012

      Way to go Erik. I'm really looking forward to playing the game!

    2. Albino Dragon 24-time creator
      on January 10, 2012

      Thanks guys! I've been working on getting you some new artwork, modified card templates, and working on pricing with the manufacturer to make sure we get the best quality available. It's going to be awesome, I can't wait to get it out to everyone!

    3. Missing avatar

      Bryan Campbell on January 10, 2012

      Congratulations on the stretch goal. I'm quite excited to see the final product.

    4. Alan Winterrowd on January 10, 2012

      Whoo-hoo! Topped $7000!

    5. Jeremie 'Remie' DeWitt on January 9, 2012

      Let's get this last $290! I hope to get a 2nd copy of this game!

    6. Jeremie 'Remie' DeWitt on January 8, 2012

      joined in. looks fun. i hope that you guys get the $7000 in the next 12 days. i think you will.

    7. Missing avatar

      Bryan Campbell on January 7, 2012

      I'm glad to see that this project is doing so well. Best of luck hitting the $7000 mark.

    8. Samuel Bee on January 7, 2012

      Hey Erik, love the concept and wish i could give more. Glad you made your goal.

    9. Joe Norris on January 5, 2012

      D'oh! Should learn to read more carefully...if anyone needs to know you get 2 copies of the game and 2 copies of the mini-expansion at the $85 dollar level. Corrected my support level and a happier man for it! Thanks Erik!

    10. Joe Norris on January 5, 2012

      Hello! Just became a supporter for 2 copies of this very cool looking card game. My question for clarification is, will this pledge level ($75), also include 2 copies of the mini expansion? Thank you for your time and consideration and wish you all the best on this project!

    11. Albino Dragon 24-time creator
      on January 4, 2012

      @Mark - Funny you should ask :-). I actually have a design diary going up tomorrow in which I will answer that very question! I'll post a link here and on Twitter when it is available.
      And thank you very much for the compliments, I've worked really hard to make this look and play as good as it possibly can.

    12. Mark Kuchenbrod on January 4, 2012

      I was on the fence and still awake at 1:30 here, and the random two YouTube videos of a simple turn sold it to me! You really should make more of those and show off the game in motion. FYI the art work is top notch too. Your nephews really could be superheroes!

      One thing I didn't see on the site here was end game. How do you win the game?

    13. Mercedes (Mandy)
      on December 29, 2011

      This looks awesome with the new art and logo. The alternative card design swayed me :) I'm in :) Let's make it to $7000. This game is looking hot.

    14. Missing avatar

      on December 17, 2011

      Erik, this looks like an awesome game. Looking forward to playing it in the near future!

    15. Albino Dragon 24-time creator
      on December 5, 2011

      The mini expansion will center around a new card type: Gear, which will allow you to augment your characters with weapons, armor, and other equipment. It will contain additional characters with new powers and I'll be revealing more about the cards themselves in future updates.

    16. ZTSugawara on December 5, 2011

      can you share any details about the mini expansion and how it will change game play

    17. Missing avatar

      Michelle York on December 5, 2011

      Erik, I just want you to know I am REALLY excited for you. I hope you get all the funding (plus some) that you need. Thanks for the video posts.. the rules are simple enough; however, as a beginning gamer they are helpful!

    18. Albino Dragon 24-time creator
      on November 22, 2011

      Awesome, thank you. And if anyone else knows of some other places we could round up some more backers, please let us know.

    19. Michael Kidd on November 22, 2011

      Congratulations on a great first day!

      I will try to get what buzz i can get going on facebook.