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A superhero themed card and dice game designed to be easy to learn but hard to master.
A superhero themed card and dice game designed to be easy to learn but hard to master.
274 backers pledged $14,617 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lewis on March 9, 2013

      Hi there
      Just to let you know mine arrived in mainland UK today. Looks awesome but will have to wait til after the weekend to play :-(

    2. Wishing Tree Games on March 4, 2013

      Received my copies this weekend. Looking forward to playing.

    3. Peter Vigeant on March 4, 2013

      Received in NYC. Thanks!

    4. ZTSugawara on March 1, 2013

      are the three art cards used in the game somehow or were they just as bonus for the KS?

    5. David B. Talton Jr. on February 28, 2013

      Received my copy today. Nice work, Erik :)

    6. Albino Dragon 24-time creator
      on January 24, 2013

      @Jason - That pledge level was created after the stretch goal was reached so it was already factored in there. Here is the post where it was first introduced:

    7. Missing avatar

      Pierre St-Michel on January 24, 2013

      Oh sh---...
      Totally forgot...
      Happy anniversary, Genegrafter :D

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason M Volinsky on January 22, 2013

      I have a question. I see that some of the stretch goals gave us additional copies of the game and expansion. How does that work for the $125 level. Will I not also receive an additional copy of the game and expansion with that set?


    9. Missing avatar

      Michelle York on July 11, 2012

      I am fine with waiting until October for my games! I would much rather wait to receive the product from the manufacturers that you have researched and know to be good than to try and rush it and have a less superior product than the general public will receive once you are in full production... seeing as how mine will be numbered and signed ;) Keep it consistent, keep it high quality and I will be happy to wait!

    10. Albino Dragon 24-time creator
      on June 14, 2012

      @K.C. - We've submitted our files to the printer and have received some feedback on changes that need to be made. Once our artist gets back from vacation next week we can resubmit for approval. When they are all approved I'll know better but I wouldn't bet on the manufacturing being done before August. After that everything gets loaded onto a boat and has to clear the ocean and customs which could take up to two months. October seems to be likely and we're pushing hard to be able to have everything in time for Spiel in Essen.

    11. K.C. Skedzielewski on June 14, 2012

      its been a month and a half, any update on a date?

    12. Albino Dragon 24-time creator
      on April 27, 2012

      @Mark: We're finishing up the artwork and resetting the templates now along with a couple of other surprises. I should have a more solid date for you in the next few weeks.
      @Jamey: A copy of each of the Likeness characters will be in the promo packs. So everyone that backed at that level and above will get copies of anyone with a Likeness card.

    13. Jamey Philipp on April 18, 2012

      Is there going to be a peek at the Likeness Characters? What about putting them in every copy? I'd rather be in my friend's copy than my copy, if you see what I mean :)

    14. mark keedwell on April 17, 2012

      eric when do we expect the game to be made and shipped .

    15. Bigbywolfe on February 8, 2012

      Has anyone tried the print and play version yet? I haven't had the oportunity yet. How is it? The rules make the game look a little more simplistic than I expected. Still excited to try it though.

    16. Hilary Beans on January 20, 2012

      Hooray! :)

      Didn't make 15k, but considering it's more than 12k over the initial goal, I think that's pretty darn swell!

    17. ZTSugawara on January 20, 2012

      put another 10 in. hope you make 15000

    18. Scott Henshaw
      on January 19, 2012

      I jumped in early at the 10.00 level. I would like to get a copy of the game at 30.00, but still want the deck for 10. How can I do this? Put in 40, keep the 10.00 deck and make a note for a boxed game at $30?

    19. Albino Dragon 24-time creator
      on January 19, 2012

      @Bigbywolfe That is correct. Each reward tier only gets one custom die by default.

    20. Bigbywolfe on January 19, 2012

      So if we do the $125 we would need to add $20 to have a bonus die for each copy of the game?

    21. Albino Dragon 24-time creator
      on January 19, 2012

      @Cathy There should be a blue button in the upper-right that says "Manage your pledge". Just click on that and add $5.00 to your pledge amount. When the project ends I will send a survey with a question like, "How many extra dice did you order?"

    22. Cathy Griffin
      on January 19, 2012

      How would I add $5 to my $30 pledge to get another really cool die to go with my 2 copies of the game?

    23. Albino Dragon 24-time creator
      on January 19, 2012

      Sorry I misspelled your name Nichole, there is a lot going on right now :-)

    24. Albino Dragon 24-time creator
      on January 19, 2012

      @Nicole Everyone at the $10 and above mark will get the PDF as well.

    25. Hilary Beans on January 19, 2012

      If I had $170 extra, I'd be snatching up that card likeness option in a heartbeat. Oh, tiny bills in the mail, why are you so needy?

    26. Missing avatar

      Nichole on January 19, 2012

      Out of curiosity, do pledgers past the ten dollar lever also get the pdf version, or would we need to do something different to obtain that? Sorry if this was already asked.
      Thanks, and this game looks like it will be a lot of fun!

    27. Missing avatar

      on January 18, 2012

      Looks like we'll hit the stretch goal for 12,500. What's the next one?

    28. Miles Matton
      on January 15, 2012

      Upped to $45 level & pushed it into 10k territory :D ($10,010 currently)

    29. Albino Dragon 24-time creator
      on January 12, 2012

      @Mark I'm not sure I understand your question. The creation of the power/abilities is a separate reward (like t-shirts, etc) at the $325 level to give a budding designer (or even an established one) the chance to put their name on Genegrafter as part of the design team.

    30. Mark Kuchenbrod on January 12, 2012

      Hey Erik, where do you want us to submit ideas for the power / abilities? Drop you a personal message or post in the comments so the ideas can get vetted? I think that was an awesome post and idea for a reward, and gives us a chance to stretch and give you even more of a hand!

    31. Nicholas Vitek
      on January 11, 2012

      Well, OOPS didn't make it, so I shifting my contribution from there to hear to bring me up to a higher level. Only 1,670 more USD to go to hit the next goal!

    32. Missing avatar

      on January 11, 2012

      Way to go Erik. I'm really looking forward to playing the game!

    33. Albino Dragon 24-time creator
      on January 10, 2012

      Thanks guys! I've been working on getting you some new artwork, modified card templates, and working on pricing with the manufacturer to make sure we get the best quality available. It's going to be awesome, I can't wait to get it out to everyone!

    34. Missing avatar

      Bryan Campbell on January 10, 2012

      Congratulations on the stretch goal. I'm quite excited to see the final product.

    35. Alan Winterrowd on January 10, 2012

      Whoo-hoo! Topped $7000!

    36. Jeremie 'Remie' DeWitt on January 9, 2012

      Let's get this last $290! I hope to get a 2nd copy of this game!

    37. Jeremie 'Remie' DeWitt on January 8, 2012

      joined in. looks fun. i hope that you guys get the $7000 in the next 12 days. i think you will.

    38. Missing avatar

      Bryan Campbell on January 7, 2012

      I'm glad to see that this project is doing so well. Best of luck hitting the $7000 mark.

    39. Samuel Bee on January 7, 2012

      Hey Erik, love the concept and wish i could give more. Glad you made your goal.

    40. Joe Norris on January 5, 2012

      D'oh! Should learn to read more carefully...if anyone needs to know you get 2 copies of the game and 2 copies of the mini-expansion at the $85 dollar level. Corrected my support level and a happier man for it! Thanks Erik!

    41. Joe Norris on January 5, 2012

      Hello! Just became a supporter for 2 copies of this very cool looking card game. My question for clarification is, will this pledge level ($75), also include 2 copies of the mini expansion? Thank you for your time and consideration and wish you all the best on this project!

    42. Albino Dragon 24-time creator
      on January 4, 2012

      @Mark - Funny you should ask :-). I actually have a design diary going up tomorrow in which I will answer that very question! I'll post a link here and on Twitter when it is available.
      And thank you very much for the compliments, I've worked really hard to make this look and play as good as it possibly can.

    43. Mark Kuchenbrod on January 4, 2012

      I was on the fence and still awake at 1:30 here, and the random two YouTube videos of a simple turn sold it to me! You really should make more of those and show off the game in motion. FYI the art work is top notch too. Your nephews really could be superheroes!

      One thing I didn't see on the site here was end game. How do you win the game?

    44. Mercedes (Mandy)
      on December 29, 2011

      This looks awesome with the new art and logo. The alternative card design swayed me :) I'm in :) Let's make it to $7000. This game is looking hot.

    45. Missing avatar

      on December 17, 2011

      Erik, this looks like an awesome game. Looking forward to playing it in the near future!

    46. Albino Dragon 24-time creator
      on December 5, 2011

      The mini expansion will center around a new card type: Gear, which will allow you to augment your characters with weapons, armor, and other equipment. It will contain additional characters with new powers and I'll be revealing more about the cards themselves in future updates.

    47. ZTSugawara on December 5, 2011

      can you share any details about the mini expansion and how it will change game play

    48. Missing avatar

      Michelle York on December 5, 2011

      Erik, I just want you to know I am REALLY excited for you. I hope you get all the funding (plus some) that you need. Thanks for the video posts.. the rules are simple enough; however, as a beginning gamer they are helpful!

    49. Albino Dragon 24-time creator
      on November 22, 2011

      Awesome, thank you. And if anyone else knows of some other places we could round up some more backers, please let us know.

    50. Michael Kidd on November 22, 2011

      Congratulations on a great first day!

      I will try to get what buzz i can get going on facebook.