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A family card game designed by Richard Borg that explores a rich and vibrant fantasy world created by Albino Dragon.
A family card game designed by Richard Borg that explores a rich and vibrant fantasy world created by Albino Dragon.
A family card game designed by Richard Borg that explores a rich and vibrant fantasy world created by Albino Dragon.
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THE GOONIES: Adventure Card Game


 It's been over three years since we made Dragon Whisperer. That's a long time between games but we think it's been worth the wait.

We teamed up with Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback to make an awesome cooperative card game based on your favorite group of 80s kids, The Goonies!

We're going into the last week of the campaign soon so be sure to check it out today before it's too late.

Dragon Miniature Anyone?


You may remember last year we had a stretch goal for a huge dragon miniature that could be used with Dragon Whisperer. Well, we didn’t hit that goal, but we’ve still found a way to bring you that awesome miniature.

Dragon Crate

This is our latest Kickstarter project, full of everything any dragon lover could want. We have a dragon-themed playing card deck, dice, a new coin, and of course, the miniature. All for only $19.99 plus shipping.

It’s easily best deal we’ve seen for all of these components together, but we can’t do it without you!

Dragon Crate contents
Dragon Crate contents

Our new project - The Princess Bride!


If you've enjoyed Dragon Whisperer, we hope you'll check out our current deck project for The Princess Bride.

We have three amazing artists working on three unique decks. So if you are a fan of the movie, we hope you'll find one that matches your style.

If you've been going through Google Hangout withdrawal, we'll be starting those on The Princess Bride project today so that you can interact with the artists creating the decks. We still have some really cool things to show so we hope to see you there!

Art prints and international shipping

If you ordered an art print or had a pledge level that included art prints, those will be shipping out next week. Those took a bit longer since we had to ship them to Shane (who has been out of town for conventions), have him sign them, and then ship them back to our fulfillment center. We also send them in separate packaging (tubes) apart from the boxes to make sure they don't get damaged.

The international orders were sent off last week to our processing center so those should be arriving in your mailboxes in the next week or two, depending on your country.


We mentioned these before, but in case anyone missed it or forgot, you can find the errata for Dragon Whisperer here.

Rules Clarifications

Hey Guys, 

  We just got back from Gencon and while it was a great time, we're really happy to be back home with Internet access.

  It's getting late but I wanted to clarify a few of the rules questions that have come up.

Monster/Treasure Token Scoring

Page 15 is the correct page - Monster tokens are worth 1 point. The player with the most treasure tokens at the end of the game receives 5 additional points (no points in the event of a tie).

Promo Cards

These work like the Dragon Rage cards except that instead of just canceling the round, you win the trick as well.

Dragon Rage Cards

There are a total of 5 Dragon Rage cards because we added in an additional one as a special promo (the shadow dragon rage card). In a 3-4 player game there should only be 3 Dragon Rage cards. 5-6 player games should play with 4 Dragon Rage cards.

I think this should remove most of the ambiguity but please post here if you have any more questions about specific rules.