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CTHULHU is a Bicycle® Playing Card Deck by Albino Dragon. 56 amazing cards, printed by the USPCC. The stars are right. Status:DELUVERED
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Albino Dragon

2,216 backers pledged $96,583 to help bring this project to life.

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Dragon Crate

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We launched another project for our Dragon Crate product - a whole lotta' dragon stuff for one low price.

If you love dragons or know someone that does, this makes a great gift for either one of you!

A couple of cool projects

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There are a couple of cool little projects that I wanted to give a quick nod to. The first is Cthulhu Playing Cards - USPCC Bicycle Poker deck + Idol

They are about halfway through their goal and could use a little help. 

 And the second one, The Princess Bride, I may be a little biased on since it's the last day...

Cleaning house

Hey guys, I have a box of tubes in my apartment that I want to get rid of. Inside each tube is a green limited edition Call of Cthulhu deck and a signed Cthulhu art print. 

If you live in the United States, you can take one off my hands for only $35, but here's the catch: you accept the tube as is. These were the first ones that we packaged so you can see from the photo that they are taped to the inside of the tube. We found that sometimes they would break away from the tape and slide around the tube, causing damage to the print (and sometimes the corners of the tuck box). It doesn't always happen, but if it does, be aware that there won't be any refunds or additional compensation in this instance.

You can send money ($35) to if you would like to pick one of these up before they are all gone.

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New project has been launched!

The Name of the Wind

If you've ever read this amazing best seller by Patrick Rothfuss, then this is the project for you! And if you haven't, go read it and pledge anyway. You can thank us later :-)

New Record

At least for far. Cthulhu is what I would consider the project that put us on the map and it was our highest funded project ever until yesterday. We've since gone another $25,000 over that and it looks like we have some good momentum to take the title for the highest funded deck project on Kickstarter ever.

I thought it only made sense to come back and ask the fans that made it all happen for your support one more time. We're here because of you and this project and we would love to build a new milestone with you again and say thanks for making it all possible to begin with!

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