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You're alone, and you ARE going to die. It is not a question of will you survive, only a question of “How many will you take with you?"
You're alone, and you ARE going to die. It is not a question of will you survive, only a question of “How many will you take with you?"
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Happy New Year! Especially the english majors out there. Here have a Rulebook!

I hope the New Year is treating you all well this year! This will be the year of the Zombie for you! Although you won't survive, you can stamp your mark on the Zombie infested world of "If I'm Going Down..."

The artwork is coming along, though not at as brisk a pace as I had hoped for, but still no need to declare any delay to the May time frame yet.

In the meantime I'd like share something with you and to ask for a favor if it is not too much.

The (near) Final Rulebook is finished! I consider myself pretty good with the English language, but certainly not to the level of a pro editor. You may not either, but that doesn't mean you can spot a typo or error. Or something rule wise that has you scratching your head.

And so, I invite you to view the rulebook and need your collective help to make sure it is spotless grammatically. I hope it also gets you as pumped as I am to get the professionally produced game! 

There are  QR codes that currently just point to the Van Ryder website, but they will point to instructional videos by the time the game is released.

Oh and P.S. there just may be a new never seen before Zombie card in the rulebook that no one besides me and Aaron have seen up to this point. :)

So here is the link, please message me thru Kickstarter or email me at with any feedback! This is public so feel free to share the link with whomever you'd like.!238&parid=BA7194F4032B16DC!209&authkey=!AD8AQ5ONM0ulmw0

Rulebook Cover:

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Zombies on a Plane Video!

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Goodies! And me on keeping you up to speed

I've got some cool stuff to show you guys! But first...


So for those of you out there who have backed other projects who have been frustrated as game after game falls behind schedule and you still have nothing to show for it, well I am right there with you... it is frustrating especially when there is a lack of communication. If I at least knew what was going on it would make me feel like "Ok things are still moving along." You know?

Well so far I am on schedule. Things can certainly happen and we've already hurdled a couple obstacles, but so far so good. I am here to tell you that you will be kept up to speed on the happenings with the project and if we do fall behind (I don't plan to) you will definitely be in the know. I want to be accessible to you so always feel free to contact me at

Stay on target... Stay on target.

Now for some of the latest things going on with the project...

The artwork progress is moving along a bit slower than I had hoped (remember the obstacles I mentioned?)... And it turns out this may have actually been a blessing in disguise because... we have a new artist on the team!  Never fear, nothing happened to Aaron, but with his busy schedule he was concerned with being able to meet the timeline I set forth. So rather than extend an already long production timeline I decided to pursue another artist to join the team. Oddly enough I had touched base with someone just weeks before about possibly working with him on future projects. Well now he is working on a current one! Ladies and Gentleman allow me to introduce the work of Gary Simpson! Gary has done art for such high profile games as Summoner Wars and Call of Cthulu Card game. Check out some of his work here:

Here is a sketch of a Hot Dog vendor zombie he sent me for a sort of trial to make sure the style would fit with the game. I think you'll agree that it does!

This is the last Zombie you will see until you get the game! I want there to be a good amount of surprises and art you've never seen.


So I got a package in the mail today from a company that ends in Essex and starts with Ch... CHESSEX! I really thought 600 dice would look like a lot more than it does. Check out the beautiful Lizzy Dice...

I have also received all of the Custom Game Mats so those are ready to go as well.

Zombies on a Plane

I have made some good progress on the custom scenario you will all be receiving. I think you are really going to enjoy this scenario that adds another layer to the base game. Also you can check out what the custom game chits look like for the scenario. For more on that check out this video: <OK having problems getting it uploaded as it is a rather long video> I'll try again soon.

Interested in using Kickstarter?

I've put a couple articles out there sharing some of my thoughts around some metrics and data to think about if running your own campaign. And I plan to do more of it. I know some of you have mentioned you may be doing your own project. Maybe this will have something helpful... take a look: and

Final Promo card is finished!

The ZIA Agent Zombie is finished! That marks the completion of all 5 promo cards that YOU helped create and I hope you are pleased with them. Now we are moving on to completing some of the custom artwork, thank you for your patience as we continue the process of completing the rest of the art. I will continue to update you guys throughout the process.

Below find the promo card details which are more easily read than on the front page.

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Agent Zero!

Here is the finished art for Agent Zero! Aaron literally never ceases to amaze me! Once the final bonus promo card is completed I will post some larger graphics of the promo cards (you can still see small versions on the project page as I am able to still update the image there).

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