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Experience the magic of origami and transform any desk into a sit-stand desk. No parts. No assembly.
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Experience the magic of origami and transform any desk into a sit-stand desk. No parts. No assembly. Order here:
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    1. Missing avatar

      Wouter van Dam

      It's unfortunate, but these things do happen. The important thing is that you recognised the issue before it was too late.

    2. David Tan on

      Can't wait to get mine! :-) am happy to know that you guys are putting proper QC into this instead of doing a rushed job

    3. Levit8 Co. Creator on

      Hi Jason,
      Please check your inbox, thank you!

      And to everyone else,
      If you need to change your shipping address and contact information due to the delay do message us directly and we'll provide you with a link to your backerkit survey.

      We appreciate your help,
      The Levit8 Team

    4. Levit8 Co. Creator on

      No problem guys!

      Hi @Wouter van Dam,
      There has actually been some miscommunication between us and Allocacoc regarding this. We assumed that the person-in-charge of sourcing had already started settling the colours with our supplier while working on the stitching reinforcement. So this delay is due to miscommunication between us and our partner, and the change in material 2 months ago. We're pushing our partner and supplier to quicken the process, don't worry.

      We'll update all of you about this and sample quality once we are able to, approximately within the next 2 weeks!

      We appreciate your comment,
      The Levit8 Team

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Can I get a refund please.

    6. Missing avatar

      Glenda on

      Thanks for the update, really appreciate it!

      Understand that it's a long and tiring process for you guys too! Keep going, I know I'm still gonna love my Levit8! �

    7. Diogo Carvalho on

      Thanks for the update!

    8. Amanda on

      Thanks for providing us with updates girls! Understand that such problems do happen but I'm willing to wait a while more if good quality is assured. Looking forward to getting my hands on my Levit8 in September!

    9. Missing avatar

      Wouter van Dam

      Hi girls,

      Nice to hear from you again. It really has been quite a while. I actually do not mind the wait, but I cannot help but wonder why calibrating colours and getting the stitching right are sequential steps. Is there any particular reason for this?

      Wouter van Dam

    10. Kelly on

      Thank you for your update and all the hard work! I was highly anticipating the arrival of Levit8, but I understand how last-minute issues could crop up and totally mess up schedules. I'm really excited about your project, looking forward to receiving more updates!

    11. Ajith on


      Thank you for the detailed update. Although I'm disappointed that I have to wait a while, I'm happy that my levit8 will be of a better quality. Thank for your hard work and insistence on giving us a quality product.