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Experience the magic of origami and transform any desk into a sit-stand desk. No parts. No assembly.
Order here:
Experience the magic of origami and transform any desk into a sit-stand desk. No parts. No assembly. Order here:
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    1. Levit8 Co. Creator on

      Hi Jude,

      We really appreciate your enthusiasm in this project! I apologise again for the lack of updates as we have been pretty caught up with school in Japan and Singapore respectively for Letitia and I. We're doing our best to put up bi-weekly updates until fulfilment from now on.

      Thanks for your patience throughout,
      Cocreator of Levit8

    2. Jude Comber on

      Thank you for the update - as David has said we would prefer to have a slightly more "regular" updates, & if something has gone wrong - Just tell us - otherwise we feel like mushrooms (I too feel burnt by another Kickstarter project I invested in) - being kept in the dark & getting an update saying the same as before is soul destroying.

      But if say the fabric has failed the test, or the inner material falls apart with water - or whatever the problem is - TELL US! We Backed you in good faith & we aren't asking for our money back - just a more frequent update, it makes us feel more part of the team.

      I'm glad you have now found a better company to create these - you DO need to get them out - I have already seen cardboard ones in the UK - not identical - but the same idea...

    3. Levit8 Co. Creator on

      Thanks @Nikki C for the clarification :) Hope that helps, @Roseann Salerno!

    4. Nancy C

      Roseann, look at the chart at the bottom of this page: It gives the (suggested) size according to your height.

    5. Missing avatar

      Roseann Salerno

      How do I know what size I need

    6. David on

      @Creator: I really appreciate the update and addressing the concerns below. Already looking forward to the next update! Glad you're pushing for quality.

    7. Levit8 Co. Creator on

      Hi David! Thanks for your message, we apologise for the lack of clarity in the past updates.

      What we meant by
      "has finally found a promising supplier who might be able to make LEVIT8 up to the standard we've set earlier"

      was that before LEVIT8's Kickstarter campaign, we calculated the cost and process of crafting this product with a team of local bookbinders in Singapore. The cost of production was derived from the cost of materials and manpower based on this relatively smaller production line. In October 2015, we planned on partnering with Allocacoc, a company based in Netherlands with an office in Shanghai, who would help us with sourcing for larger-scale-production in China in the event the number of orders exceeded 500, as briefly described in our first production timeline on our campaign page. Due to the relatively large number of orders received during during the campaign period, we decided to work with Allocacoc because they would put us in a better position to negotiate with potential suppliers in China. We spent a month in Shanghai working alongside Allocacoc filtering suppliers and factories, while refining the production method to minimise room for error. It was a few weeks after our return to Singapore when the sourcing team in Shanghai found a few promising suppliers, who have more experience with the techniques involved in the craft and said they could meet the standards we had set (unlike the others we had met). We are currently waiting for samples to be delivered to Singapore so that we can personally inspect them and provide feedback to the sourcing team.

      We understand your concern, and assure you that we are doing our best to ensure that the product you receive is well-made. In the event that we encounter problems which would require more time to resolve, we will definitely update you if there are changes in the timeline.

      If you have further concerns or questions do feel free to comment or email us directly at :)

      Thank you for your patience and support,
      Levit8 Co.

    8. David Frieslander on

      Please explain what you mean by

      "has finally found a promising supplier who might be able to make LEVIT8 up to the standard we've set earlier"

      Surely when you launched this project you had a supplier in mind and were aware of all the costs and manufacturing issues.

      To wait for a month for an update that says you have found a supplier that MIGHT be able to make this implies that you did not have one when you raised money from backers .. or something has changed.

      Please be open with backers ... Having just been burnt by another Kickstarter project I would hope that this one is run professionally and delivers on its promises.

      I think an explanation is in order please.