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A tabletop RPG set in an ominous space station, home to millions, where stories of struggle and survival are written on a daily basis.
A tabletop RPG set in an ominous space station, home to millions, where stories of struggle and survival are written on a daily basis.
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Nibiru Update #26 - The Dreamlands

Posted by Federico Sohns (Creator)

Hello Vagabonds!

The last hours are upon us! Yesterday we had a spike in funding and today it seems like things are going even faster :) meaning we are most likely going to experience the classic hike at the end of Kickstarters.

We blasted through the fifth stretch goal, and now all Vagabond and above pledges including regional adventures will get those in physical format as well as PDF. 


With that, we've revealed the FINAL STRETCH GOAL in the Torus section, which will be an interlude elaborating on the communities along the Torus (the massive air circulation tunnel that barges use to travel). Fleshing out the Torus will provide players and Narrators with extra locations and ideas to play adventures about journeying Vagabonds, so we'd love to see us making it to that one!

I've updated the unlocked stretch goals to make them more clear. With that said, lets jump in with the last Habitat—that of the Dreamlands.

Does it ever happen to you that you do not remember a particular period of your past? Dreamlanders are all about that. They are peculiar in that their memories are of other people. Their remembrances are a collection of many different moments in different peoples' lives, often linked together by subtle (and not-so-subtle) themes.

When you play a Dreamlander, every time you witness something particular about someone, you may reveal a Dreamlink with them. Maybe it's the way they fix their hair, or the way they laugh at your jokes. Maybe it's the way the walk or their serious looks. It's something that resonates within you, and that you can seize by spending a Memory Point and rolling two dice. If you succeed, you add up the numbers in those dice, and that'll be the number of memories you can write about that person.

These remembrances come from a period of time that, strangely enough, they won't recall. You can certainly choose to reveal those memories to them, though the way they react might be unexpected. All in all, Dreamlanders are attractive to play because of the subtle ways in which they allow you to influence the story. It's about weaving other people's past lives, making them significant to the story in a way that will make the tale flow to where you want it to flow.

That's the last Habitat covered! We'll be back tomorrow :) in the meantime, remember that this is the moment to retweet, share, and promote the game!


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    1. René Schultze

      Strange but cool :)

    2. Federico Sohns Creator on

      There's been some really weird and kickass developments during playtests revolving around the Dreamlands. It's particularly cool when you pick Dreamlinks with an overarching theme in mind.

      Also, I forgot to mention that Dreamlanders can (as long as there's consent) write memories of other player characters :).

    3. Zaarin on

      Wow, that's definitely the strangest Habitat. I love it. :D Also yay for hitting that physical stretch goal--physical books are always preferable to PDF, even if I'm in dire need of more shelf space. ;)