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A tabletop RPG set in an ominous space station, home to millions, where stories of struggle and survival are written on a daily basis.
A tabletop RPG set in an ominous space station, home to millions, where stories of struggle and survival are written on a daily basis.
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Nibiru Update #25 - Book Structure!

Posted by Federico Sohns (Creator)

Hello Vagabonds!

With the final days upon us (ooh! ominous :3), we should be, in a couple of hours, reaching that fifth stretch goal :). Kickstarter's countdown can seem tricky, but basically this Saturday at 9:54 (48 hours before the end of the campaign) emails will go out to all of the people who've been following the campaign but haven't pledged to remind them of the ending. These are some 1200 people (ooh boy!) so we'd expect a surge of pledges over the last weekend (which is also an ideal time to make that last marketing push).

With this next Stretch Goal unlocked, all of the pledges that contain regional adventures (as well as those who have purchased the regional adventures Add-On) will get those in physical form. If for some reason you do not want them in physical form, do let us know! Though bear in mind that these will not bump up your shipping cost (seriously, these are super light in weight).

I'll also remind you that we have a Discord channel which you can access here!!

So what's in for today? Well, I wanted to talk a bit about the way in which some of the content will be organised in the book.

We've mentioned this briefly in the campaign. Those of you who have backed the game have already seen the Introduction chapter in our Christmas Gift update :) but I wanted to showcase some stills from the interiors (these might be subject to change) as well as a writeup of each chapter with them, to give you an idea of how the book will be structured.

First Steps is the introduction to the setting, with nomenclature, influences, info on the themes of the game and a briefly retold history of the humanity in the station :)

Then we got From the Core we Hail, which is dedicated to Antumbra, its landscape and main themes, as well as many story hooks centered around it. It also features Ashur as a the de facto hub (as well as describing the mayor players in the region).

Moving further away from the Core, we have Halls of Penumbra, focused on the Outer Reaches and the Torus Corridor, with information on how the societies of the depths survive, and the featured settlement of Suruptu.

And lastly, we have the darkest chapter :) The Umbraic Frontier, with details on the themes, lore and folklore of the world's edge, as well as a host of cool story hooks and game ideas, as well as the featured village of Nataku.

Storytelling Engines (which is currently being edited) is the rules chapter, covering the basic task resolution system, the MEMOs & Mind systems and Revelations. All the rules you need to play Nibiru are in this chapter :) which makes them super easy to reference, moreso now that we've unlocked those awesome bookmarks!

After that we got The Vagabonds, which covers character creation, details on how Vagabonds live in the station, along with information on the kind of relationships they establish with other peoples, common antagonists—as well as story hooks to use them—and a subsection dedicated to each Habitat :).

Past that, one of the bulkiest chapters in the book is Of Cracking Skin & Shimmering Steel, which talks about the flora, fauna and machine life of Nibiru. It explains how it all comes together to make the station a lively place, as well as presenting a broad catalog of entries, each one illustrated and including story hooks (which is important, given that some of these are very closely tied to the Vagabonds of the Wild & the Machine, as we've seen in previous updates!).

After this one, we got By the Lamplight, with advice for Narrators new and experienced. This comprises not just the basics of running a game of Nibiru, but cool tricks to pull off using the MEMOs system, how to manage your players' expectations and to utilize the added gravitas that each player character has.

Finally, we got the recently unlocked Annex: The Science of Nibiru as well as the introductory adventure for the Corebook. Layout for these is not yet done, but we've detailed previously that the Annex will work as a guide (written by our very own Astrophysics Adviser, Joaquin) to how many of the facets of the setting have been developed behind the scenes. It also presents many hazards that come with life in the Skyless World, the logic behind them, and how to use them for your games (from oxygen and air flow to gravity, power supply and temperature regulation).

There's also our intro adventure for the Corebook, but we of course don't wanna spoil anything regarding that. Only to know that it's an ideal starting point to push your players to travel and get involved in adventures in any locale of Nibiru!

Hope you enjoyed this update! We'll be back tomorrow :)

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