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A tabletop RPG set in an ominous space station, home to millions, where stories of struggle and survival are written on a daily basis.
A tabletop RPG set in an ominous space station, home to millions, where stories of struggle and survival are written on a daily basis.
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Nibiru Update #20 - Production!

Posted by Federico Sohns (Creator)

Hello Vagabonds!  

The dice are in! That's so cool!!!! You can now see them in the add-on list, as well as the new stretch goal :)  

Getting custom dice was one of the things a lot of us were really looking forward to. My number one priority is for each component, mechanic and asset within the game to reflect the themes and aesthetic in mind. Metal is the de-facto texture of the station, and it just so happens that cuneiform numbers are simple enough to have them take the place of arabic numbers, so... here they are!  

Also, we chose to make them D12s so that they actually roll (something normal D4s do not do). D12s allow us to have slightly larger print numbers than D4s. Also, normal D4s hurt you when you grab a handful (though some will say that's part of D4s' charm :P).

To get the dice (unless you have a Whisperer Pledge), simply go to your pledge, click on it, and amend the amount to add £12 on top.

Today I felt like talking a bit about the project's current status. At the moment, we have final drafts for all but one chapter, and we are currently editing chapter six (which comprises the rules for the game). We have about 80% of the art, and the layout of the game is already done (so once chapters get edited, they can be put straight into the laid out document). 

Then, we do some adjustments, and we are good to show you the pre-proofread versions :) when that time comes, we'll be doing post-editing proofreads, but I'll totally encourage you to tell me if there's any errors of any kind.  

The chapters will then be compiled and the PDFs will be sent to everyone. At the same time, we'll have the high res print files, which will be sent to the printer. The printing of the Regional Adventures and the maps will be much faster than the corebook printing, so I expect to have the first ones at the warehouse for packing before the pallets with the corebooks arrive.  

Production of the metal dice mold should start in February, and we should get samples on March. If those samples are good (which shouldn't be a problem, since the people we are working with actually happened to have tooling for cuneiform numbers, odd as it may sound), we'll go straight to production of the dice, and we should get those by April. I'll be packing those at home and then moving them to the warehouse.


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    1. Federico Sohns Creator on

      @Kalum Woop woop!

      @Zaaring The D12 will only function as a D4, since the 1-4 are printed three times :) thanks for your enthusiasm :D

    2. Zaarin on

      First, thanks for going with the d12--I love the little caltrops, but grabbing a handful of them could be a literal pain. ;) Second, I'm a huge Bronze Age Near East nerd--it's what drew me to this project in the first place--so I love the cuneiform. And finally a question: will the d12 function as d12 as well or do they have 1-4 printed three times? (Either way it's good--the lovely dodecahedrons don't get enough love in any game for my taste--except Cairn, I guess. I actually added the dice to my pledge yesterday since I was sure we'd hit them. :D )

    3. Kalum on

      Pledge updated with £12


    4. René Schultze

      I believe that - and if anyone says something different I will throw a d4 at him! A d4 in the form of a metal d12 - could hurt ;)

    5. Federico Sohns Creator on

      The dice will be awesome :)

    6. René Schultze

      Have to step down from Recaller to Wanderer - but added the Metal Dice :)