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A tabletop RPG set in an ominous space station, home to millions, where stories of struggle and survival are written on a daily basis.
A tabletop RPG set in an ominous space station, home to millions, where stories of struggle and survival are written on a daily basis.
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Nibiru Update #18 - The Dreadlands

Posted by Federico Sohns (Creator)
Hello Vagabonds!  

Seems like we are still riding the wave when it comes to funding :) we are quickly closing in on those dice, and setting sights on the Science of Nibiru annex!  

As we get to the final days, we expect funding to ramp up. We have our stretch goals set up, but then if there's anything you are thinking that'd be great to have (whether it is more adventures, more art, a Narrators' Screen, or anything), it's always good to send us a message or leave a comment! 

From the get go, we've wanted to get the community involved to make the game better, so make sure to speak your mind!  

Today I'll be unveiling the third Habitat of Nibiru. That is, the Dreadlands.  

The Dreadlands are not a real place. In truth, they represent a piece of fiction—one that has been carefully woven to the point it seems real. The aromas, the sounds, the texture and touch. Yet there are not meant to evoke soothing memories. This piece of fiction is a tragedy, a horror story, and a tale of woe all at the same time.  

When Dreadlanders remember, they hurt. They are the one type of Vagabond that dreads seeing those memories back. At the same time, however, they are the most hopeful about their stay in Nibiru—since nothing can be as bad as their past tenures.  

What they went through was not without purpose. Within Dreadlanders nests a strange entity that feeds off of their bad recollections. Part of what it means to play a Dreadlander entails communicating with this entity and establishing a relationship of mutual benefit. But, you'll know more about that in the book :)  

When you pick to play a Dreadlander, you'll be playing to the tune of a downwards spiral. Whenever they trigger a Memory, Dreadlanders get penalties—not bonuses. This is not due to them not being capable (they are probably some of the boldest, most resilient souls in Nibiru), but because the act of remembering hurts them, draining them of their will to commit to anything that could evoke those dreaded recollections.  

At the same time, with each filled Journal Sheet, the entity that lives inside them grows in power. It is due to this that your personal relationship with it matters deeply; as you crumble to dust, the one thing you can trust in might be this odd creature you've been sharing your body with all this time.  

That's more or less it for today :) the Dreadlands are one of the only "kinda supernatural" thing you'll see in the setting of Nibiru, yet they allow for really dramatic tales of personal horror to unfold.  

There are two more habitats to cover :) so sit tight!

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    1. Federico Sohns Creator on

      Yesterday we did super good. I'm confident we'll nail the current stretch goals :)

    2. René Schultze

      Sounds gruesome to be a Dreadlander - but also cool ;)

      I really would like to have the GM Screen. And, even if I'm the Bringer of Dice, I would like to see the Science of Niribu first. But that's me, I like contend in a game.