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A tabletop RPG set in an ominous space station, home to millions, where stories of struggle and survival are written on a daily basis.
A tabletop RPG set in an ominous space station, home to millions, where stories of struggle and survival are written on a daily basis.
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Nibiru Update #5 - Fauna

Posted by Federico Sohns (Creator)


We are just one step away from getting funded!

Lets give it a final push so that we make the game a reality! Once that's done, we can continue on to unlock stretch goals. Make sure to hop by our Twitter and Facebook so that we can spread the word.

As you'd expect from London, it's rainy and gloomy outside today :) I'm almost done with my lunch so I wanted to talk a bit about the lifeforms of Nibiru. Some of you already know a bit about them, but I felt it was a cool thing to chat about today.  

When I started working with them, I thought about life on Earth, and the resources we have in abundance (for now) here. Sunlight, grass, water. Yet in Nibiru this is not the case: metal, fuel and electric power take center place. So how could life (outside of human beings) work in the Skyless World?  

Enter bio-electric life forms! These gain energy not from "food" but from the very electric power that is the lifeblood of the station. With them, I wanted to bring very basic concepts from electronics into the game, to give a broad explanation of how the biologic mechanisms of Nibiru's fauna work—and so it is that I started drawing parallels between basic components in electronics and creatures' organs and systems.  

In simple terms, bioelectric lifeforms have a series of organs dedicated to storing and releasing energy. To a degree, there's an overlap here with our own bodies, since we also have electric systems within us. Bioelectric lifeforms, however, drink power straight from their source; plugging themselves in to Nibiru's infrastructure to recharge their energy.  

Let's take the basic concept of the Sparkling—a small, cat-like creature that is common across most of the station. Sparklings have, like other bioelectric life forms, energy storage organs. They have different uses for that energy, dissipating it into heat, using it for their motor functions, and even as a last ditch means of defense. 

Energy acquisition, however, is a bit more complex. At the tip of their tail, you'll notice two sharp blade-like terminations. One of them leads into an "in" vein (veins in bioelectric lifeforms are used to conduct electricity) and the other is at the end of the "out" vein. The Sparkling can use those terminations to puncture a power line and hook itself onto it, with energy now coursing through them, therefore allowing them to feed.

Their bodies have, as you could guess a certain degree of resistance, meaning they can only feed from low current power lines. They do, however, have a set of organs that act specifically as a resistor while isolating the rest of the body from high power currents. This means that a group of Sparklings can hook themselves first to a power line, and then regulate current so that the rest of the pack feeds.

More complex lifeforms tend to have more nuanced interactions with the power structures of Nibiru. From Webworms, building electrified webs to trap prey, to Mermaids, feed off of the electricity found within living bodies. We'll look more into those later!

Hope you enjoyed that update! See you later Vagabonds~

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    1. Matt Yancik on

      The more I think about this idea, the less I can wait to see the finished book! Good luck! This is going to help me put a new spin on using RPGs in the classroom. I'm excited!

    2. Federico Sohns Creator on

      That's awesome, Matthew! I'll give more details on the game's themes and mechanics everyday, at around the same time :) and yes, given how character-focused Nibiru is, Campbell's myth structure could be used as a model to produce a full cycle of memories (and, most certainly, to write an adventure).

    3. Matt Yancik on

      This update is exciting to get! I was the guy that took you from 198 backers to 199. I actually wanted to be that ‘magical 200th’ backer, but in the end this looked so cool I just had to do it, anyway. (Being 199 is pretty cool, though, right?!) As an English teacher that uses RPGs in the classroom to teach the Hero’s Journey, I really look forward to seeing this RPG, with its focus on writing out backgrounds and character memories, in print! I can’t wait!