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A tabletop RPG set in an ominous space station, home to millions, where stories of struggle and survival are written on a daily basis.
A tabletop RPG set in an ominous space station, home to millions, where stories of struggle and survival are written on a daily basis.
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Nibiru Update #2 - The Pilgrimage

Posted by Federico Sohns (Creator)

Hello Vagabonds! Today we've blown past the 50% line and we still have a big chunk of the day to go! We've also started talking a bit about the mechanics, as evidenced by the comment sections, and we've been getting great feedback from outside. People want to know more, and so we'll be lining up a couple of podcasts that'll be releasing during the campaign.

It's time, then, to talk about promotion of the game. So far we've been doing great with promotion via Facebook and Twitter, and we'll also be reaching out to our mailing list. But everything tends to be better with a bit of a creative twist :). A while ago, the playtest team had fun with a short campaign called "The Pilgrimage". It introduced one of the major factions of the station—the Pilgrims of the Core, which are the main religious cult in Nibiru—, and focused on the player characters travelling along with a caravan of Pilgrims from Umbra to the Core.

We had great fun, and I thought that maybe we could create a scheme where people "preach" the word in exchange for those adventures :) Each one works perfectly as a one-shot, so it works great even if you do not go the full length with promotion.

I estimated the distance (in steps) that it'd take for you to get from the point where the first story starts to the point where the last, fourth story begins. Turns out that's about 1705600 steps. So why not make this a thing?

Via the link above, you can gain entries (steps) for retweeting, sharing, and doing all kinds of social interactions. If the Kickstarter is successful, you'll receive the adventures up to the step count you got in PDF. 

We did a sort of thing like this one during the last two Dragonmeets, where we gave out physical Quickstart Guides in exchange for retweets, subscriptions, etc. It worked out pretty well, so... why not?

Also, remember to use the same email you have registered with Kickstarter when using the Gleam application (which is the thing we are using for the social media campaign).

We had a blast playing with the guys at Red Moon Roleplaying a couple of months ago, and they recorded the session for you guys to enjoy :) so if you want a bit of a spooky actual play set in Umbra... here you go:

I'm not going to take more of your time, Vagabonds, so I'll tune out until the next update. We know we can do this!!! :D

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