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Letters from the Earth's video poster

Poetry and art book focusing on current environmental issues in the United States. Letters from the Earth to our children. Read more

Brooklyn, NY Poetry
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This project was successfully funded on July 15, 2012.

Poetry and art book focusing on current environmental issues in the United States. Letters from the Earth to our children.

Brooklyn, NY Poetry
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Dear Community,

Thank you for visiting our Kickstarter page and considering a donation. Forest and Tree is a group of artists and writers working on the publication of Letters from the Earth. It is a book about our world, a look at environmental traumas in the United States, and a call to conscious action. 

We are raising money to pay for the printing and shipping costs of books and art. We'll be printing at Rolling Press - an environmentally sustainable press in Brooklyn that uses recycled paper, organic dyes and renewable wind energy. 

The Project

Letters from the Earth began as a reaction to something that I (jeff, the poet) read last summer about Blair Mountain, West Virginia. There was a movement taking place to save the mountain. This startled me. People were trying to save a mountain?

I'd say I was conscious of the things that happen in our world that make our lifestyles possible, but let's just say there was an aha moment. A waking up if you will. I sat down after the article with my reaction, and began writing. When I was done, I had a letter written from the earth to a child. Great idea! But, I wanted people to experience these words with a visual accompaniment. 

I reached out to artist friends throughout the country and pitched the idea. Yahtzee! They said they'd love to collaborate on an illustrated book. We've poured a lot of sweat equity into making a vision turn into a reality, and now we want you to see it.

Letters from the Earth is a result of a collaboration and conversation about how we live our lives, and what it is doing to the world. It is a collection of poems and various styles of art that address contemporary environmental catastrophes. 

Our Hope

Our hope is that through this publication people will join the conversation about the environmental issues taking place in our backyards. Using original writing, art, and photography we seek to recognize the growing concern and need for change.

We plan to launch our first publication this summer, with the intent of following it with future editions and publications.

But wait, there's more

We'd like to make this venture a sustainable one that continues to create space for important words and art about our world. A big dream we have is to buy a letterpress to make our own books. You can help us fulfill that dream.

Thank you so much for your support.

With Love,

        Forest and Tree


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    First edition copy of the book. Full color, perfect bound paperback with poems and beautiful illustrations. International backers please add $10 to any donation for shipping. Thanks!

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    (Book) + commemorative bookmark with featured design and poem.

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    (Book + bookmark) + full color postcard with a different set of images from the bookmark. A great package gift!

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    (Book + bookmark+postcard) + Full Color Poster.

    11"x17" poster with featured illustration and poem. Really beautiful posters with stunning interpretations of the natural world.

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    Pledge $75 or more

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    (Book + bookmark+postcard) + Broadside hand printed by the author! Hand Printed!

    What's a broadside? A large sheet of paper with an image and text printed on one side, great for framing and hanging on the wall. It's what was used to print the Declaration of Independence, so it's been around for a long time. Did we mention, the poet will be printing these with his own two hands?

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    + Your Name in Print.

    Support the publication of the second edition (there are 25 more states we still need to feature) and have your name included in print in book two on our acknowledgments page.

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    (+Book +bookmark+postcard) .

    The art included in the book is hand crafted by three artists from across the country. You can buy one of their signed originals. These will go on a first-come first-served basis, and you'll get a special email to see and chose your image.

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    (Book+ bookmark+postcard+poster)
    + building an even more sustainable press.

    We want to keep making books well into the future, and we want to buy a letterpress to do this so that we can make them on our own. You'll get all the great rewards, and be listed as an extra special donor when we print our next book.

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