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How to Draw Cars - Marker Rendering and Digital Painting's video poster

Accelerate your passion for drawing with How to Draw Cars Now DVD set & book, that will help take your drawing skills to a pro status! Read more

Detroit, MI Illustration
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This project was successfully funded on January 14, 2012.

Accelerate your passion for drawing with How to Draw Cars Now DVD set & book, that will help take your drawing skills to a pro status!

Detroit, MI Illustration
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About this project

About this Project:

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my educational product, “How to Draw Cars Now! Analog vs Digital Drawing Techniques 2 Disc Special Edition

Whether you are an aspiring designer or just love to draw, this introductory course is designed to help train you to acquire the fundamental drawing skills taught in some of the most prominent design schools in the country! 

What are you going to get?

Disc 1 Contents

Analog Drawing Techniques – It all starts from the basics! I’ll take you through the process that involves the following:

a. Basic Sketching exercises – training your arms and hands to acquire consistency in your line work

b. Applying Sketching techniques – learn cross hatching techniques and how to apply them to a sketch

c. Thumbnail sketching – A process used for exploring ideas and subject matter

d. Basics in Reflections – I’ll break down reflections in simple terms and how to apply it to the main rendering.

e. Proportion – You’ll learn the fundamental guidelines for creating realistic looking cars that are well proportioned and balanced

f.  Marker Rendering – You’ll learn how to create a fully detailed marker rendering that incorporates all the principles from the lessons above!

Once you master the above, you can try to create your own renderings like the one below!

Disc 2 Contents

Digital Drawing Techniques – A step by step process on how to use a wacom tablet and Photoshop to create your digital artwork!  The techniques will build on the foundation on disc 1.

You’ll get the following:

a.  Digital Tools – Explanation of the digital gear used to create your art

b.  Work space setup – Choosing resolution, brushes, and basic tools

c.  Simple Rendering – Helping you get used to sketching digitally

d.  Intro Speed Painting - A process to help you interpret reality quicker

e.  Digital painting – A full blown digital painting using Photoshop.

As your skills grow in due course of hard work, practice, and time,  you'll be armed with knowledge to create your own digital artwork.  Hopefully, you'll be able to teach me a thing or two!

Of course, my fellow disciplined artists, there is more than just the discs themselves such as:

1.  A 20 page Reference Book 

You are not going to be by your computer all the time, so why not take a useful 20 page handbook packed with useful tips and inspirational messages around with you?

2.  Three Ebooks

a.  Driven Mavens Top Blog posts that will inspire you to take action and draw!

b.  Intro to Value sketching

c.  Intro to Proportions – with printable templates

3.  Data files that support the contents of the DVD

4.  A drawing schedule to help plan your week to practice the fundamentals

So Why do I need YOUR help to complete this project?

The regular burnable dvds are relatively cheap, but it's tough to burn discs at home if you are aiming for high volume.  With high volume comes the need for proper manufacturing with top notch materials for the included reference book, special DVD case, and inserts that go along with it.  In order to do this you need enough volume to make it a valuable proposition to not just me...but more importantly YOU!  That's why KICKSTARTER was the perfect choice to implement this project!  They can enable dreams into reality!

Where am I at with this project?

The content of the DVD's are 95% complete.  I leave 5% for some minor changes and due credits that are tied to backers for the higher level rewards.  However the unique DVD packaging, Reference Guide book, DVDs, and inserts are all completed and ready for our local manufacturing company in Michigan to get the green light!

Why did I decide to make this happen?

To create VALUE added educational content! I believe everyone that is driven and works hard deserves a top notch education.  College is getting extremely expensive and competitive so in addition to providing a learning outlet on my blog,, I decided to create a product that would help aspiring designers or artists get an edge.  When I went to college for my Industrial Design and Engineering degree, theory and application were very rarely connected.  So I decided to close that gap and bring more depth into the entire process of learning. 

I hope that you are willing to contribute to this project and help to not only fulfill my own dream, but hopefully this will be the fuel to help start yours!

So what are you waiting for? Start pledgin! :)


Metallic Prints 

It's very hard to show a picture that accurately conveys the beauty of these prints.  Metallic photographic prints have this awesome sheen to the surface that give it almost a warm copper tone that enhances the contrast and "pop" factor on these prints.  What better way to have automotive art then to have it on metallic photo paper?

View the full gallery here!

For Testimonials, free video tutorials, and informative articles,  please feel free to go to these links: 

Photography Art:

Special Thanks to:

Thom Eggert Photography 


  • The DVD are going to be produced as a Region Free disc. This typically means that it will work on most conventional DVD players whether in the U.S. or other countries. However It may also depend on how old your DVD player is. You must check with your DVD manufacturer and model number to make sure it can play region free discs.

    The discs can be played on your desktop computer or laptop.

    For more technical information please view the wiki page:

    Last updated:
  • Becoming a pro in anything you do takes time, hard work, and a passion to learn. Everyone learns at a different pace and improves depending on how much practice and commitment they put into learning the material. At the end of the day, it is a tool like any other book, video, or learning material that can give you a different perspective on how to improve your abilities.

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  • If the project is funded, it will take 2 weeks to receive the payment from Amazon. This will put me into the first week of February to kick off our manufacturer to start producing the DVD pack. During the first two weeks, I will contact all the backers to obtain their shipping addresses and any other contact information I may need. Depending on the amount of orders, the plan is to ship first week of March.

    Last updated:
  • How to Draw Cars Now DVD Pack is available for pre-order at . We will ship out all the pre-orders as soon as we have filled all the Kickstarter pre-orders in the order that they were received. Thanks!

    Last updated:
  • The total content in the ipad is the same. However, the chapters for the video are separate files so you can choose which files you would like to load onto your ipad. Sifting through 5 hours of content on a single ipad video file is cumbersome. This makes it easier.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. Shipping charges should be added in addition to your pledge amount if :

    1. You live in Canada - add $10 extra to your pledge

    2. You live in a country outside the United States - $15 extra to your pledge

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    Ebook – Familiarize yourself with the Driven Mavens mindset by preparing yourself to ACT on your passion! The ebook will contain some of the top inspirational blog posts from drivenmavens!

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    Ebook + the spectacular metallic 8X12 Photo Print of one of my most popular Vintage Race Car Digital Paintings. It’s a classic scene of a couple of mechanics preparing the 57 M-250F for the upcoming race! It’s the perfect painting to get you inspired and start drawing cars now! (includes shipping within U.S.) Add $10 dollars for Canada and $15 for International)

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    Congratulations! You just got serious about accelerating your skills to a whole new level! You pre-ordered your Special Edition Two Disc DVD set “How to Draw Cars Now: Analog vs Digital Drawing Techniques” for the Kickstarter early adopter price of $40 (includes shipping to the U.S.) which will sell at retail for $50. Add $10 shipping to Canada and $15 for international orders.

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    You’ll get the DVD package + your choice of an 8X12 Metallic print from my collection which can be viewed here: Add $10 dollars extra shipping to Canada and $15 for international orders

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    You just signed up for the Collectors edition! You’ll get the DVD package + the IPAD version of the DVD + a 12X18 Metallic Automotive Art Print (your choice from my collection here: Add $10 shipping to Canada and $15 for international orders.

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    Pledge $250 or more

    1 backer Limited (14 left of 15)

    You’ll get a signed copy of the DVD package with a personalized thank you note + IPAD version + be listed as an executive producer in the video credits of the DVD on disc 2 + An original unique collection of post-it-note sketches, signed, mounted and framed (8X10 Size)

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    1 backer Limited (9 left of 10)

    You’ll get a signed copy of the DVD package with a personalized thank you note. A personalized 12X18 Metallic Art print from my collection (you choose from my collection here: with a special modification(details to be revealed soon), gallery quality framed! You’ll be listed as an executive producer in the rolling credits on disc 2 of the DVD. (Shipping costs for International orders TBD)

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    Bulk order of 20 dvds for Universities, Community Colleges, or High Schools. Includes shipping within the U.S.)

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