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A live action role-playlist with twelve larp scenarios
from Oscar Biffi & The Italian Chamber Orchestra.
A live action role-playlist with twelve larp scenarios
from Oscar Biffi & The Italian Chamber Orchestra.
A live action role-playlist with twelve larp scenarios from Oscar Biffi & The Italian Chamber Orchestra.
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The calm after the storm? No way!

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Dear larpers,

the Kickstarter Campaign of Crescendo Giocoso is over, but the best is yet to come. We're going to update you about our every progress, because this project is yours too.

Do you like how our Kickstarter page looks now? If you know someone who missed the campaign, but still wants a copy, just tell them to click on the red button: it will redirect them to the English version of our NessunDove online shop.
If you want the book or PDF (and the website) in Italian, just click on the flag at the top right corner of the page. The Vol. II PDF for free is reserved to you backers, of course, but it'll be available at a reasonable price as soon as possibile.

You know, sometimes credit card transactions don't work, so we ask you to keep an eye out for e-mails from Kickstarter to fix any possible problem. In the weekend we have a convention, Chambercon, to celebrate with the Orchestra and raise a glass (or two) to you all. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need anything: we'll be fully operational by Monday at worst.

We'll do our best to take you by surprise with our creativity, as you've done with your generosity. The first in line is once again Simone Bonetti, author of The Capybara Day: this is a super-compressed mini larp (three minutes only) translated by Chiara for you.
Have fun, none deserve it more than you.


Sabotage! - English version

What you need: from 3 to 6 players
A coin for each player
The Beastie Boys song Sabotage

You're a gang of robbers, you're about to pull the heist of a lifetime and you're in front of the Federal Bank, sitting in the Bentley you stole just yesterday, armed and ready to go in, when you notice THERE'S A SABOTEUR AMONG YOU!

The game is played in three parts, and Sabotage sets the pace, so that the first part ends at 1:53 minutes (when you hear the loud WAAAAAAAH). The second part ends EXACTLY at the end of the song! Each player has a coin in front of them.

  • During the first part, everyone in turn talks about their role in the heist and puts their coin at the center of the table. When the WAAAAH goes off, the players that couldn't do it in time will still put their coin with the others.
  • During the second part, each player takes their coin back and explains what went wrong from their point of view, taking elements from the others' stories to put them in a tight spot.
  • During the third part, right at the end of the song, everyone places their coin in front of the player they believe to be the saboteur.

The aim of the game is to create a super-compressed shared narrative, in the space of 3:01 minutes.


Sabotage! - Versione italiana

Cosa serve: da 3 a 6 giocatori
Una moneta per ogni giocatore
La canzone Sabotage dei Beastie Boys

Siete un gruppo di rapinatori, dovete fare il colpo della vita e siete di fronte alla Banca Federale, dentro alla Bentley che avete rubato proprio ieri, armi in pugno e state per entrare, quando vi accorgete che C'E' UN SABOTATORE TRA DI VOI!

Il gioco si svolge in tre parti e Sabotage scandisce il ritmo, chiudendo la prima parte a 1:53 (quando si senti il fragoroso WAAAAAAA). La seconda parte si chiude alla fine della canzone ESATTA! Ogni giocatore ha una moneta davanti.

  • Nella prima parte ha un turno per raccontare il suo ruolo nella rapina, mettendo la moneta al centro del tavolo. Al WAAAAA i giocatori che non hanno fatto in tempo a giocare mettono comunque la moneta al centro del tavolo.
  • Nella seconda parte ogni giocatore riprende una moneta e spiega cosa è andato male dal suo punto di vista, reincorporando elementi e mettendo nei guai gli altri.
  • Nella terza parte, cioè appena finisce la canzone, si sposta la propria moneta di fronte a chi si pensa possa essere il sabotatore.

L'obiettivo del gioco è creare una narrazione condivisa supercompressa. Della durata, appunto, di 3:01.


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