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A 20-voice choir of professional singers record and perform 5 brand new choral compositions of mine on October 6, 2013.

Dear friends,

Thank you SO MUCH for helping me reach the goal! What an amazing journey this has been with all of you!

I've noticed that some people are still giving even though the online goal was met! So if in these next 12 hours we end up raising more than my total expenses for this project, I would like to set aside the additional funds for my next project (entailing recordings and performance of 4 or 5 more of my un-premiered compositions, just as in this project). The good news is that in this next project, I don't think I'll have to look far for my amazing conductor and singers--and the music is already written! On this past recital on Sunday, I was required to include only pieces written since the beginning of my doctorate, but I feel that these 4 or 5 other pieces are among my best work--and they are very special to me. So please stay tuned!

I am so grateful to all of you for your support, encouragement, and prayers! YOU did this!



To get an idea of what is being funded, listen to the below montage featuring a short clip of each piece on the concert!

Recording Session 10/6/2013
Recording Session 10/6/2013

The Project:

Be a part of the excitement when on October 6, 2013, a 20-voice professional choir will record and perform 5 new choral works of mine in the Edythe Bates Organ Hall at Rice University. The pieces to be recorded/performed are:

Kyrie for Peace in Our Time (2012) - SATB choir + organ (world premiere)

I Baptize You (2012) - SSATB choir a cappella (U.S. premiere)

Ecce Vox de Caelis (2012) - SSATB choir a cappella (Texas premiere)

Ave Maria No. 9 "Rosa Mystica" (2013) - soprano + organ + SATB (world premiere)

Ego Sum (2013) - SATB choir a cappella (world premiere)

These will be performed on my first doctoral recital which will feature 3 additional new works of mine in their respective world premiere:

Iter Animae (2013) - symphony in 4 movements for solo organ

Alma Chorus Domini (2013) - Chant prelude for solo organ

Ver Novum (2013) - symphony in 3 movements for Brass and percussion

The Performers:

The choir, to be conducted by Dr. Richard Robbins, is comprised of singers (past and present) in professional choirs in Houston, namely Houston Chamber Choir and CantareHouston. All of the voices are exceptionally gifted and able to realize the works in question in minimal rehearsal time (3 rehearsals). However, each singer has a career or (multiple jobs teaching in schools or universities, church choirs, etc..) and many have families -- their time is limited and valuable, so they are being offered a just wage.  

The Composer:

Daniel J. Knaggs, born in Michigan (1983) has lived in France, Mexico, and Nicaragua and many aspects of these diverse cultures and languages find their way into his music. Daniel’s work has received several honors including multiple awards from ASCAP, first place in competitions from  Michigan Music Teachers Association, Musica Sacra (Poland),  David Maria Turoldo Association (Italy), and others. His compositions have secured performances throughout the U.S., Italy, U.K., Poland, Lithuania, and Mexico. He received bachelor's degrees from the University of Michigan in voice performance and Spanish and a Master's degree in Music Composition at Bowling Green State University. Daniel is currently pursuing a doctorate in Music Composition at Rice University Shepherd School of Music, serving as a T.A. in Aural Theory and working as a high school Spanish tutor in Houston, and he is a Young Artist Composer-in-Residence with Da Camera of Houston.

The Cost Breakdown:

$4000 for 20 professional singers to be paid $200 each for about 10 hours of rehearsal, recording, and performing, also covers all necessary individual preparation.

$275 for conductor - includes score study/preparation and about 10 hours of conducting rehearsal, recording, and performance.

$350 for professional audio and video recordings of these 5 works in a separate recording session and in live performance.

$370 Service charge: Kickstarter fee (5% of total raised) and Amazon Payments credit card charge (3-5%) 

Total amount to be raised = $4995

Thank you for any support you can offer! 

Recording session 10/6/2013
Recording session 10/6/2013

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

If for some reason (natural disasters, or the like) the recording session/concert must be cancelled, these will be rescheduled as early as possible!


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