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The first publicly accessible space telescope! Take amazing photos of space or have your photo displayed above the Earth.
17,614 backers pledged $1,505,366 to help bring this project to life.

Mystery Goal Revealed, Planetary Defense...Planetary Annihilation!

Posted by Planetary Resources (Creator)

Asteroid Zoo Stretch Goal: Aid in Planetary Defense

Today we call on our backers to aid in the defense of our planet! If we can reach US$1.7 million in these final three days, we will partner with Zooniverse to create Asteroid Zoo, a program to allow students, citizen scientists and space enthusiasts to find potentially hazardous asteroids (PHAs) at home and help train computers to better find them in the future.

Modeled after Zooniverse’s popular Galaxy Zoo and other astronomy projects, Asteroid Zoo will allow the public to search through terabytes of data collected by Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) for undiscovered asteroids in a fun, game-like process from their personal computers.

PHAs have a history of causing trouble on Earth. One 66 million years ago is believed to have lead to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Just this February, another broke apart over Chelyabinsk, Russia.

“Zooniverse volunteers have already inspected more than a million galaxies, discovered planets and kept an eye on solar storms. We're looking forward to working with Planetary Resources to make sure citizen scientists everywhere can make a real contribution to spotting asteroids too” said Chris Lintott, Zooniverse Principal Investigator and astronomer at the University of Oxford.

Planetary Resources, Planetary Annihilation, and Shroud of the Avatar

Remember to join our Gamer Hangout tomorrow (Friday June 28th) at 10:00AM PT with Richard Garriott (Lord British) and Jon Mavor (co-founder of Uber Entertainment). We’ll bring multiplayer gaming and crowd-controlled space telescopes closer together than you might imagine possible. Live viewers will learn how to get game keys and avatars free. Trust us, this one is worth watching live. Link will be available on our G+ just prior to 10:00am:

Reddit Ask Me Anything

Yesterday’s Reddit AMA was a HUGE success, making it to the top three stories on Reddit’s homepage with over 14,000 upvotes. From serious questions, to our thoughts on the Kerbal Space Program and asteroid mining SCV requirements, check it out here:

Reddit AMA: 

Photo/Video Competition Winners Selected

Our judges selected the winners to our photo and video contest yesterday. Gray Horwitz is our grand prize winner and will receive a “seat” on Zero-G to experience the weightlessness of space! Check out the runner up entries and honorable mentions on our Facebook page.

Tomorrow, we’ll announce the winners to our education contest and share with you some of the phenomenal entries! Very proud to provide these talented students and their schools with time on the ARKYD.
- Chris

View all of the winning entries here!


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