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The first publicly accessible space telescope! Take amazing photos of space or have your photo displayed above the Earth.
17,614 backers pledged $1,505,366 to help bring this project to life.

What does space mean to you?

Posted by Planetary Resources (Creator)

We're thrilled at the support this project has received, and we're really impressed with the enthusiasm of our community.

We want to reward you guys by giving you the opportunity to win some really cool prizes. 

All you have to do to enter is post a photo or short video about “What Space Means To You” and share a link to it on the Planetary Resources Facebook page.

We'll pick the entries that are the most creative, inspiring, and funny. One winner will receive a Zero-G flight ticket!

Others will win dinner with our founders Peter Diamandis and Eric Anderson as well as other great prizes. 

You can get the full details of the contest on our Facebook page or by using the link below. Just hit the Like button to get all the information you need.

Also, included in today’s update is a message from Brent Spiner and Peter Diamandis from the launch event last Wednesday on how to support your local schools and education with the ARKYD.

- Chris

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    1. Alex Garcia on

      I recently met Brent Spiner at Dallas Comic Con. I told him Data is one of my favorite Star Trek characters. Data wasn't afraid to explore what it meant to be human or ask the most essential of questions, "Why?" I use it every day as an engineer to look get a deeper understanding into science, engineering, and myself. This is life imitating art. Brent has just given a classroom the ability to look at the cosmos and ask "why?"

    2. Chris Lewicki on

      @Larry - Thanks for sharing your story. Very inspiring - for us! Hope your daughters will grow up to continue the expansion of human knowledge!

    3. Larry Bailey on

      Kickstarter has reached new heights by providing a platform for the exciting ARKYD project. As a father of twin girls who are both avid science students (and excellent in math as well), I am thrilled and honored to back such a forward-thinking effort. Just yesterday I showed this project to one of my twins and her eyes lit up at the prospect of using this technology to find something new in space or to view any object in the heavens they wish to see. It's so fitting to have the support of Brent Spiner...a key player in the Star Trek franchise who made Gene Roddenberry's visionary ideas come to life. Now Brent is helping another visionary idea become reality by backing the ARKYD space telescope in Kickstarter. What a great step toward a bright future where entire communities can take part hands-on to explore the cosmos!