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Carbon Grey is a story about humanity's creative or destructive side. The book has been a labor of love for almost 11 years.
861 backers pledged $56,000 to help bring this project to life.


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WOW, what a roller coaster ride! It was exhilarating, stressful but most importantly FUN - a lot of fun. It took us over a month to plan, execute and finally launch the campaign. With baited breath we crossed our fingers and hoped that people would take notice of our work and support us. But we knew that, no matter how well we planned, nothing was guaranteed. 

Today, you made it happen. You guys have given us an opportunity to finish what we started over a decade ago. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!

When planning the campaign we tried to come up with interesting and unusual rewards that might reflect the spirit of Carbon Grey (beyond just giving away copies of the comic), and as a result we’ve had quite an adventure. It’s given us the opportunity to commission new work from artists and musicians, to learn about manufacturing processes and gain new crafting skills making custom rewards.

It’s also led to us making a lot of new contacts and friends in other creative fields across the Kickstarter community. The feedback and advice from you - our backers and supporters - has encouraged us to go further still.

Unexpectedly Kickstarter has taken us and Carbon Grey into areas we’d never imagined - music, toy manufacture and perhaps even a tabletop game. We’re so grateful for this experience – it’s as valuable to us as the funding itself.

Amazingly we still have some time before the campaign ends, and we're going to push and try for some stretch goals! We'd love to hear your suggestions - please feel free to post them in the comments, or message me.

At its heart (as you’ll discover in volume three!) Carbon Grey is a story about the creative urge, and the consequences of suppressing it. We’re honored that you’ve allowed us the chance to express ours :).

Best - Hoang

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    1. Hoang Nguyen 8-time creator

      Thanks for your suggestion Jason, we came up with something that was cost effective and also doesn't impact our schedule too much. Your recommendation is very cool, I would love to make Alena von Medeim/Raisa Vasilyeva, the scene where she sit on the throne. Perhaps down the road.
      Thanks Masa!
      Yes Tommy, we did it :)

    2. Aymeric on

      Great news about RH, luckily their project ends next month. That may leaves time for it :)

    3. Tommy Blaze on

      @Hoang Really? Pure awesomeness! :-D

    4. Cédric on

      Mazette, it's a good new. I think i will update my pledge !!

    5. Jason Edward Johnson on

      These are my sugguestions for stretch goals. I would like to see:

      -A quick orginal sketch card.

      -A Model of one of the ships/vechicals in the story

      -A 2nd figure to be included of Alena von Medeim/Raisa Vasilyeva.

    6. Hoang Nguyen 8-time creator

      Hey Spendierhose21, the $14 tier will get you all the PDF files and the soundtrack (digital download)
      Tommy, Khari and I just did a design sketch for Raging Heroes, so you wish might come true :)
      Thank you all, we did it together! I'm so proud of you all, "group hug".

    7. Spendierhose21 on

      Since my budget doesn't allow me to purchase much beyond the pledge level 14$ I suggest a new tier at 20$ for all the PDFs and the soundtrack digital download.

    8. Matt Reppert on

      So happy this made it!

    9. Missing avatar


      So happy for you and for us! Great job everyone!

    10. Aymeric on

      Congratulations :-)

    11. Ethereal Phoenix Studios on

      Awesome, congratulations! :D

    12. Tommy Blaze on

      Grats! For a stretch goal you could join forces with Raging Heroes and have a 28mm miniature of the girl in the black bodysuit. Go for a Carbon Grey skirmish game. :-)

    13. euansmith


    14. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      Congratulations all around and my thanks to whomever pointed me here (can't remember whether it was Dablue or anyone else :p)
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    15. Jana Hlinkova on

      yay, we finally got there. im so excited! :D we are awesome!

    16. steve knott on

      Excellent news! Congrats to everyone

    17. Timbo on

      Awesome, congrats! (To all of us ;) )

    18. Brian Widman on

      I never doubted this for a second, great artwork and storytelling always find a way! It's been an honor seeing this through.

    19. Hoang Nguyen 8-time creator

      @Dablue Thanks for helping promote us here, there and everywhere :)
      @Dremacon @ Chris Messina Thank you so much!

    20. Hoang Nguyen 8-time creator

      @Spendierhose21 What do you have in mind? :)

    21. Hoang Nguyen 8-time creator

      Thank guys! we're planning the stretch goal right now, what would you guys want to see made. Send us your suggestions.

    22. Spendierhose21 on

      Hooray! Now, what stretch goal do you have in mind for 60k$? :-)

    23. Chris Messina on

      Hooray! Congrats!

    24. Dablue

      Congrats man ;D you guys deserve it. ;)

    25. Dremacon on

      Woo! Congrats on your success! Well deserved. Glad to see it got funded so I get to read these pieces of art. Excellent!