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Carbon Grey is a story about humanity's creative or destructive side. The book has been a labor of love for almost 11 years.
861 backers pledged $56,000 to help bring this project to life.

We're so close!

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Hi everyone,

First off we want to thank everyone for upgrading and pledging, your support has been tremendous. Over the weekend we blew by the 40K milestone and now we're heading toward the finish line. This is fantastic news!

At the suggestion of one of our backers, we've decided the 40K milestone will be the teams' signatures on every item in the reward tiers, with the exception of the trading cards (the item is relatively small and our signatures will probably ruin it :). We'll figure something out - perhaps we can stamp it with our initials.

For the 45K milestone we'll have to come up with something really special - any ideas?

In the meantime, I'd like to show you another page from Volume Three that we've been working on.

Best - Hoang

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    1. Hoang Nguyen 8-time creator

      Love your idea John and Jason. When I attend some of the comic convention, I would marvel at some of the artists that could knock out those head sketches. They do it so quick it makes my head spin. Unfortunately for me and Khari, we are super slow and critical of our works. I tried it a few time when people asked me at the convention, it takes me 1/2 hour just to do a head. I spend too much time erasing trying to make it perfect. I would love to accommodate, but I fear it would take too much time away from finishing the book. Thanks for the suggestion though.
      Thanks Chris, glad you like the page :)

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      John Scoleri

      Personally, I'd love a head sketch in one of the trades... if you did that at the $100 level or better, right now you only talking 99 folks, but I bet that would get you well past the finish line between upgrades and new backers in the final hours... Just a thought!

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      deleted on

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    4. Jason Edward Johnson on

      My idea is a quick sketch card for everone that has contributed to this project by one of the artists!