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Carbon Grey is a story about humanity's creative or destructive side. The book has been a labor of love for almost 11 years.
861 backers pledged $56,000 to help bring this project to life.

Upgrade for Giselle figurine?

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At the request of many, we decided to add Giselle figurine into the $100 tier rather than waiting for the stretch goal. This will include the trading cards and everything else in the $100 tier.

After talking to the manufacturer and the cost of making the model, we felt that at this level it's the most cost-effective.

We need to pay for the prototype, set-up fee and the 500 piece minimum requirement to manufacture the product, as well as the cost of packaging and shipping the product from Hong Kong. All of these considerations factor into the total cost. We're not making profit from this, but felt that it would be an awesome item to have.

Also our friends over at Raging Heroes have been kind enough to do a shout-out for us and we would like to return the favor. Both our projects share similar designs sensibilities, please check them out when you get a chance. I was so amazed at their project that I pledged right away.

Best - Hoang

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    1. Dremacon on

      No worries, no need to look into it or anything. I just figured it could save you at least the trouble of shipping one of them. Either way, looks like we're getting close to being funded. Very nice!

    2. Hoang Nguyen 8-time creator

      Hey Chris, I have updated the reward images, but not the pledge tier. Kickstarter doesn't allow me to make changes after someone has picked it. Please direct others to the main page and look at the rewards images. Thank you!
      Thank you Robert! it looks like we're getting closer to the finish line, thanks to you and everyone who up their support and pledges :)
      Hey Dremacon, I don't think they'll allow people to come and pick up the goods, since they're a manufacturing company with no retail outlet. I will let you know if I find out something.

    3. Chris Messina on

      Lemme know when the tiers reflect the updated rewards — would love to share this out more, and once the tiers reflect the availability of this figurine, I can promote this aspect of the campaign!

    4. Robert Strack on

      Just upped my pledge to get this as well. It's looking good, Hoang! I hope we get there!

    5. Dremacon on

      Now, if they can't send them to different addresses, I could always just swing by their place and collect mine (and save you the trouble of shipping it, etc.). Hong Kong is not a very big place after all.

      Of course, it's no skin off my nose if I end up having to wait like everyone else.

    6. Hoang Nguyen 8-time creator

      Tim, thank you very much! I made some changes to the reward tiers :)
      Oliver, if we blew pass the 45K, we'll consider making more of the sisters
      Thank you Dremacon! Yes, we need to get funded soon :)

    7. Dremacon on

      Upped my pledge. Now we just need to get funded!

    8. Dragoon354 on

      updated pledge cant wait for the statue and like someone else mentioned please make all 3 sisters

    9. Timbo on

      Couldn't resist, updated my pledge. :)
      But I agree with Palindrome, the letter, trading cards and paper model don't convince me either.

    10. Hoang Nguyen 8-time creator

      Thanks Euansmith

    11. euansmith

      Looks like the statue is going to be great; unfortunately I'm trying to declutter at the moment so it'll not be for me. Of course, if you came out with a range of 28mm heroic scale pre-coloured miniatures, I'd have to reconsider my position.

      You are doing some great stuff with this campaign. All the best.

    12. Hoang Nguyen 8-time creator

      Thank you very much Aymeric!
      The figurine will come fully painted Oliver.
      Siannah, the $20 postage will cover for the extra figurine, no need for extra. Thank you!
      Thanks Paul for the link :)
      Thank you very much John!
      Thank you Ryan and Dheyrdre, your support have been tremendous!
      Thank you very much "The Ink Knight" I will update the reward section soon.
      Dremacon, it's actually a different manufacturer and not Hot Toys (they do amazing works!) As for shipping, I will ask, but I can't guarantee they'll send to separate addresses. Thank you!

    13. Dremacon on

      This HK manufacturer, it isn't Hot Toys by any chance is it? Or maybe you can't reveal the name yet? (Because hot toys do amazing work)

      Also, as I live in HK, would it be possible to pick it up here directly instead of having it shipped over to you and then back here again? Seems like kind of a waste...
      Definitely considering to up my pledge now.

    14. Kevan Comic Art on

      So, this morning I said I would up my pledge if this was added to the rewards section. Very happy to up my pledge to the $100 tier!

      I hope that I have selected the correct tier, I do not see it listed in the reward section yet.

    15. Dheyrdre Machado on

      Thanks for understand Hoang :)

    16. Ryan T on

      Hoang I completely understand It is a darn cool statue though. I still get a lot of cool stuff at my 50 dollar tier.

    17. Missing avatar

      John Scoleri

      Boosted my pledge as well. Hopefully more folks will follow suit and you can hit your pledge goal with time to spare.

    18. Missing avatar

      Paul Gardner on

      @Oliver. Over on the Carbon Grey Facebook page it's mentioned that Hoang is considering both a painted and an unpainted version ( What would be your preference?

    19. Siannah on

      Does the $20 shipping outside the US still apply, or do you need more to cover your costs?

    20. Dragoon354 on

      Will it come painted?

    21. Aymeric on

      Same here, had to up my pledge.
      Definitely worth it.

    22. Hoang Nguyen 8-time creator

      Thank you Palindrome, I'm looking to change out some of the items. Will update it soon.
      Ryan, Dheyrdre, Thank you for your support, no matter what level it maybe. I wish I could put it at a lower tier, but the cost for manufacturing the figurine was too high.

    23. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      Even though I see no use for the trading cards nor do I exactly need a wax-sealed letter or a foldable paper-model, the figurine in itself is worth enough for me to double my pledge.
      Thank you for adding this to a tier rather than make it a stretch-goal.
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    24. Ryan T on

      Shame I can't up it more. I hope it will draw attention for those who can afford it.

    25. Dheyrdre Machado on

      She's gorgeous!
      Unfortunately I can't up my pledge :(

      I'm totally going to envy the ones getting her :P