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Carbon Grey is a story about humanity's creative or destructive side. The book has been a labor of love for almost 11 years.
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Giselle Figurine

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Kickstarter promise me that things usually pick up toward the end and that was true for our last campaign. It's quite nerve-racking, but certainly a roller-coaster ride for sure. I know we can make it, and with your help we're going to cross that finish line.

I'm currently in talks with a Hong Kong collectible manufacturer about making a figurine of Giselle, and I would like to show you what I have in mind. The first image is a rough mock-up of what the pose would be like and my brief notes to the manufacturer. I love this pose - for me it really captures Giselle's personality, and is based on the first image I ever created of her. The second image is a 3D screen-capture from Z-Brush ( a 3D program for sculptors) of the model that will form the basis of the figurine. The amount of detail in Bryan's model is amazing, and I can't wait to see it translate over to the figurine. You can take a look at more of Bryan's work here.

I feel that this would be a better stretch goal than the miniature MP5 from my previous update. But what do you think? Please help us meet our goal so that we can make a kick-ass figurine of Giselle.

Best - Hoang

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    1. Anton Schneider-Michallek on

      This figurine would be a reason for me too, to upp my pledge.

    2. saige on

      I'd up my pledge as well for a nice quality statue.

    3. Missing avatar

      Carlos on

      I would definitely go for the Giselle figure over the MP5. As mentioned A Mathilde figure would be awesome as well. Let me know how much more to pledge :)

    4. Missing avatar


      Great figure, and I've not even read the story yet (pledged at a level to get the back issues). No idea what the figure would cost/be worth but I'm very interested. If it can help this drive succeed, let's do it already!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kagel on

      Waaay better than the MP5! But you can't have Giselle without Mathilde.... Put em both in a stretch goal and take my money already. :)

    6. Hoang Nguyen 8-time creator

      Thanks for all your lovely comments, I'm glad to hear you're as excited as I am. I like to get your opinion on this figurine. Rather than waiting for the stretch goal, would you be willing to upgrade to the next tier? and at what price point do you feel comfortable with?

    7. Richard on

      Yep, go the figurine.

    8. Michael Finigan

      I am waiting to pass over more money

    9. Missing avatar


      The figure is a much better idea, ditch the MP5.

    10. Kevan Comic Art on

      I would up my pledge if that becomes a reward.

    11. Windy Stroud on

      I would buy ine in a heartbeat! I love the art work! I hope this comes to be!

    12. Ryan T on

      I wish the sites I suggested would pick this up. This story is amazing and it deserves the coverage, plus darn it this would be an awesome figure to have.

    13. Dheyrdre Machado on

      It keeps getting better.

    14. steve knott on

      Looks very cool & a better option for the stretch goal. Fingers crossed you get there.

    15. Timbo on

      Looks very cool! And would be better than the MP5 in my opinion.

    16. Dragoon354 on

      Take my money already

    17. Joe Leidy

      I would buy one!

    18. Scott Early

      Excellent details. We gotta make it