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The Vi - Keeping your cards & keeping it simple.... Vi wallets are strong and durable, slim and functional
468 backers pledged £10,349 to help bring this project to life.

Business cards & boxes...

Hello Kickstarters,

You are amazing and your backing is only pushing me to work harder. We've got a fun weekend ahead... A talented friend of mine, James Byrne, has offered to make a vlog on the Vi and I've instructed him to give it a rugged product test and provide a review (personally I hope he drops it out of a window). I'm  also getting creative this weekend, taking little video clips of me paying for things (mostly coffee) to make a montage video of the Vi in action. Look for that next week...

Business cards.

Yesterday I had 1000 Business cards delivered to advertise the project and I managed to get them in David & Goliath (clothing shop) and Chipotle... No need to explain. As expected the cards fit perfectly into the Vi. We also slammed a QR code onto the cards taking people directly to the website. All of this has given me a cool idea about how we are going to package the Vi if we get funded... You'll have to wait and see.


Finally, I had a couple of bespoke boxes delivered the other day, from the Tiny Box Company, and am absolutely delighted with the size and quality. They have given me a 7-10 day delivery time after order, everything is coming together nicely. I will be posting more pictures/ information on my Facebook page ( and Twitter, @ViigLifestyle. 

Thank you for your support and backing Kickstarters.


P.S. Your welcome to ask me anything, so please drop me a message and I will answer asap.