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The Vi - Keeping your cards & keeping it simple....

Vi wallets are strong and durable, slim and functional
The Vi - Keeping your cards & keeping it simple.... Vi wallets are strong and durable, slim and functional
468 backers pledged £10,349 to help bring this project to life.

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Orange is nice and bright...

Green is dark.

Hi everyone, I'm nearly done, Here is an update with some good news for all you orange backers and not so good for you green backers. Do not fear, the whip has been cracked and I'm pushing every ounce of effort to get the supplier to produce what I have asked for!

The Orange Vi

This week I took delivery of the orange and green Vi plates, the orange are really nice and I'm pleased to announce that they will be all shipped with the next few days. I must say, they do look nice... 

The 'Kickstarter' Green Vi

The green on the other hand were anodised a little to long and ended with a more dark (racing green) finish. I was personally annoyed by this (I can only take so many excuses) and have directed them to fix this as soon as possible. I will roll them out as soon as I get the right colours... If you can't wait, then I will send you what I have, they will be rare as I only have a very limited number. Although I expect the mass majority would like to spot the Kickstarter colours, I'm doing all I can and they WILL be with you really soon.


This is all ready, I just need all the colours together get it done in one process, this will be fast and painless! 

Chrome Vi Backers

I know you guys have been waiting for some time I have the chromes made and I'm waiting for the other materials... I'm going to send you all a chrome Vi now and the option engraving after (you will get 2). Plus an extra colour of your choosing - I also will be emailing you all individually around what colour choices we go with regarding new materials options... here is a sneak peek of some plastics we're considering. Yes, you will decide what we will go with!!


Laser etched.

For those of you who have just received/ been using your Vi for some time, I thank you for your feedback (good or bad) every bit of information I can obtain is appreciated.

Please feel free to give feedback here/ send me a personal message or #ViigLifestyle - As soon as I get everything I will be going through EVERY backer making sure everyone is fuilfiled. 

Kindest regards and happy belated St Patrick's Day!


Better late than never...


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A few more days...

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Exactly one month today...


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7 days and 348 shipped.

Hello Backers,

It has been 7 days since our campaign ended, this has seen us ship nearly 350 of your rewards, the majority of rewards were shipped on Tuesday/ Wednesday, for the transatlantic backers you should see your at your door sometime next week. Domestic backers have starter to receive their Vi's and judging by the feedback, they love them, please post feedback as this helps us with future product decisions. 

I'm currently tying up lose ends and making sure every reward is fulfilled, for all you backers who backed for the January rewards, don't worry I have not forgotten you and deliberately stalled sending the surveys until closer to the date. Expect them in your inbox very early in the new year. It's Kickstarter's recommendation not to send out surveys too early as people move!

If you have any questions, my door is always open, you can send me a message through Kickstarter and I will receive an email notification, I'm often out and can answer any question from my phone. If you'd like to follow my progress you can head over to Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, our website is live and we have black & blue Vi's available for purchase, everything else is restricted as my backers take priority! I'd like to get photos of the Vi's in action for the website, so if anyone wants to take a quick snap on their travels please post it on Facebook or email it to me at, - (I want to see outlandish photos!).

Thank you all so much for making this a reality, I hope you have a fantastic holiday. Please stay in touch as we are looking at some exciting new products in the new year.

Happy holidays,


P.S. In the spirit of Kickstarter, it is my belief we should share other peoples projects. please have a look at these two really awesome projects...

Simple Idea Studio - Design, functionality and comfort in your cooking life. Solid silicone gloves that will become an integral part of your BBQ experience. 

22Cans -  GODUS is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android.

Anyone who knows Peter Molyneux will know he's produced some really awesome games like Populous, Dungeon Keeper and Black & White. Quite an ambitious target, let's make it a reality.

Some Images of my progress for you... 

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