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The Vi - Keeping your cards & keeping it simple....

Vi wallets are strong and durable, slim and functional
The Vi - Keeping your cards & keeping it simple.... Vi wallets are strong and durable, slim and functional
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    1. Missing avatar

      Anthony Tsoumas on

      Kind of funny how this "...Never is not in my vocabulary. " is in one of the updates haha

    2. Missing avatar

      Anthony Tsoumas on

      I give up, wish i could get my 100+AUD back though

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Windebank on

      Should I just assume now that we're never going to receive anything?

    4. Brian McDonald on

      Hey, happy anniversary of the Kickstarter (three weeks ago). Still haven't received anything. Are we likely to get them, at this point?

    5. Chris Read on

      He said he would send me two as it took so long for the engraved. gutted i went for the "premium" engraved version as I not only paid more but ended up with nothing!

    6. Carol Koh on

      Anderson was very nice to those who got the Vi earlier. I pledged for 4 which came in 2 shipments. And in every shipment, he threw in an extra one because he felt bad for not delivering according to the time he promised me. Thought he was a sincere guy. But I realized that his website is gone, msg him on FB to try to order more but didn't get a reply from him so I guess he must have vanished. I'm not sure what your options are but I don't think Kickstarter would do anything in this case right?

    7. Chris Read on

      This is getting crazy mate. No update, I backed you and paid more for then scribed wallet with my name on. Then got promised one with name on and one normal wallet to make up for the delay. Still received nothing months on, no updates or news even though was very friendly during the initial delay. Now regretting paying the initial premium and now new since. Come on Anderson step up mate

    8. Vicki H.

      Thanks for letting us know what you got, Chaim. I also selected the limited edition green one, and was told I would get a second one for the long delay/wait in delivery, but have gotten absolutely nothing so far. :( Hope everything is all right with Anderson...if we could get an update, no matter how short, it'd be appreciated!

    9. Missing avatar

      Anthony Tsoumas on

      Ok I'm over waiting for a response now, can anyone help me find out how to get my money back, if it is even possible?

    10. Chaim Krause on

      I was one of the early backers that wanted the limited edition. I was told I would receive the "wrong" color green one and a second for my time. I received two purple. I appreciate the jesture but asked that I get my limited edition "wrong" color green, as it still would be a limited edition (only 30 of us). I was told that the green one would be sent soon, but that was months ago and I haven't heard anything since that. I still would like to get my green one. I want to be one of thirty worldwide. That is why I chose that option.

    11. Brian McDonald on

      Anthony and Vicki, same here. The irony of having selected 'Early Bird' is not wasted on me :P

      I'd love an update, Anderson, just to know what the story is.

    12. Missing avatar

      Anthony Tsoumas on

      I still haven't heard anything from Anderson, and unless i do in the next week (i hate to say this) i will take further action and request a refund.

    13. Vicki H.

      I'm in the same boat as Anthony Tsoumas is. Could we have an update, please?

    14. Missing avatar

      Anthony Tsoumas on

      Are you still making/sending them? Last i heard you sent me a letter saying i get a second one for waiting all this time, yet i have not gotten either of them yet, do i have to ask for my money back or has something gone wrong for me?

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      I've been using mine now since day one and I am overall VERY happy with the product, but there are few problems I've been having which other backers have spoke of...

      - Exposed cards - 1. the laminated on the exposed sides of cards has begun to peel off..
      - Exposed cards - 2. I went to the beach one day on got sand in the Vi. This has been a nightmare to remove and every time a card has been pulled in and out this has scratched the cards causing some of them to be unreadable!

      Are there any ways to remove the silicone outer so it can be cleaned out properly?

    16. Vicki H.

      I'm (enviously) reading about other backers using their Vi, and can't help but wonder: any news for those of us who backed for an engraved green Vi and not received it yet? Any updates would be much appreciated, thanks!

    17. Stefan D on

      Top tip for the UK note folders... Fold along the foil security strip to fold into 3 to a size that perfectly fits the Vii

    18. Missing avatar

      Nikolai on

      I've been using mine since december. And i've been very satisfied with it since the day it arrived. Nothing wrong with the wallet. I even bring it along whenever i go to the beach since i can put it inside my board shorts' zipped pocket. Amazing wallet. I think it will last a lifetime!

    19. JP on

      I have been using the Vi for quite some time now and I would like to share my experiences....

      I use the Vi as my everyday minimalistic wallet. It's a real pleasure to see how small it is compared to other wallets I used in the past. Kickstarter and the wallets I backed there really turned me into a front-pocket-wallet-guy and I like that. Feels much safer and I definitely do not miss sitting on a big wallet at work or in the car. I even learned to handle my coins (can't go without them in Europe) ;)

      Regarding the Vi I really like the overall quality. I still pretty much looks like on day one and I have no doubt it will last very long. It feels great, it's sleek and very minimalistic. Plus the overall kickstarter campaign was a great experience. I got my wallet pretty fast and it seems like you are keeping everyone updated who hasn't yet. Thanks for that Anderson!

      Now, what I do not like about the Vi is that I had a hard time going down to 5 cards. That's all I could fit in with the cash I need on an every day basis (4 on one side, 1 plus cash on the other). Now, when pulling out cash it really depends on how you put it in. It's better to fold the bills individualy instead of folding the whole packet. This way it is easier to pull out single bills when needed. But even when doing so, there are chances you might pull out more than needed or drop your money when in a hurry. Maybe I should try a combination of Vi and a money clip to completely seperate the money from the cards...!?

      Another point I do not like that much is that the cards suffer somewhat from being exposed partially. Future users should consider that and put less important cards to the front...or at least shuffle them from time to time to prevent the top card from damage.

    20. Anderson Gammon Creator on

      Thanks a lot guys, and really thank you for your patience, I wish I could have done a million things differently on this, however, it's all a learning experience and one I will take with me to my next venture. As for the people still waiting; Engraving, Chrome Engraving and anyone who simply has not received theirs for what ever reason. I'm working on it, you WILL get it. A

    21. David Hoskins on

      Hi Anderson,

      Received my Green Vi card holder and free Purple holder last week, been using my limited edition Green one and I must say that it works a treat, I've got 4 cards in the front, and a credit card style USB drive in the back!

      Thanks for a well designed product, the purple is very vibrant, shame about the darkness of the green edition tho :(

      Best Regards,


    22. Bryan Jago on

      Vi's turned up Saturday and I'm loving them. Not so sure on the Dark Green version that was finally produced (rather than the Light Green as planned) but loving the Orange! Nice work, Anderson. My trouser pockets have never looked so flat!

    23. Kieron Sloper on

      Contrary to some opinions/feelings, I got my Viis on Saturday and love them, swapped to it right away and been actively using it since. Really pleased!

    24. Anderson Gammon Creator on

      Hi Bryan, there is nothing I have sent you that hinders the functionality of the product, I'd suggest giving it a try before judging the cosmetic outcome. I personally use one with pock marks as you put it, with no compermise in look, or quality.

      I would like to invite you to send me a personal message, rather than this tirade. I am more than happy to discuss and address any issue you find with the product. No you did not offend me.

    25. Bryan Jones on

      Anderson. My Vi's turned up today. Good grief. Did I offend you? What you've posted out is utter garbage. Did you run out of real one's and just use rejects to for fill the final orders?

      The purple you send me is pock marked, almost battered looking with what look like creases in the metal. A million miles away from the polished purple one on your web page. The green one is just as badly marked with the addition of an awful colour. Again miles away from what was promised. I appreciate you said you had colour issues, but the quality of the metal finish, there's no excuse. It's just embarrassing.

      As you have learned lessons, so have I. I can't say I'll be in a hurry to believe in and back other people's dreams again.


    26. Anderson Gammon Creator on

      This week, this week, this week...! I'm working on a solution for the remaining few people still waiting, I will be posting it to you all individually. On a good note, I've managed to fulfill over 90% of everyone's pledge! - All will be announced tomorrow. A

    27. Kieron Sloper on

      Everything's gone quiet? How's progress Anderson?

    28. Carol Koh on

      I personally think that Anderson has done well with this project. I've had my Viiis delayed as well like some of you. However, Anderson has taken measures to more than make up for the delay. His "after-sales" service is truly commendable. Most importantly, I think the Vi is a fantastic product!

    29. Anderson Gammon Creator on

      I'm compiling a list of non receivers right now I will address this tomorrow and send individual messages. I'm speaking to the director of VIIG tomorrow demanding we sort this issue with the green soon. Engraving will be sent sooner as I'm not going to wait for the green. I'm working on this guys, everyone will be fulfilled and I hope will love the Vi. Thank you.

    30. Wylie on

      Still waiting patiently for my red Vi...

    31. Carol Koh on

      Hope my orange won't be like yours, FZ. Still waiting patiently to get mine....

    32. Anderson Gammon Creator on

      Hi Feng, accept my apologies on the finish, I have had big problems with the supplier and demanding consistency simply hasn't worked, I can assure you the functionality of your Vi will be great and it will last you for years to come. Your business cards are long? It's the case I'm afraid there is no adaptation to the design, therefore, 8.6cm wide business cards are the way forward (they look better and accommodate clients wallets better ;) in my opinion.

    33. Missing avatar

      Feng Zhang on

      Meant to say more 'room'

    34. Missing avatar

      Feng Zhang on

      I just received my orange Vii. I was expecting better finish on the aluminum especially since it should be brand new. Mines was a bit scratched up. Not the vertical brushed finish, but little pits here and there.
      Another comment for future improvement might be to make the opening a bit wider. Credit cards fit great, but my business card is slightly wider so it can't be squeezed in. I believe you have extra room on both sides to play with and making it wider might give some people more other for cards that are just slightly wider.

    35. Anderson Gammon Creator on

      Then again it's all the fun of being a start up and a massive learning curve, I shouldn't complain!

    36. Anderson Gammon Creator on

      As soon as I received them I was on the phone complaining, there is only so much complaining I can do so I have asked Freddy (Viig Director) to escalate this personally. Easter is a pain with holidays left, right and centre. I hope to get an answer on Tuesday. - that said, I'm looking at an alternative supplier for a better turnaround. It's frustrating and I can't stand people are out in the cold over this. I am doing all I can.

    37. Kieron Sloper on

      That was meant to read 'your guys' not Hutson - oops

    38. Kieron Sloper on

      Did you get a resolution from your Hutson the greenies yet Anderson? (Not complaining, just curious)

    39. Anderson Gammon Creator on

      Orange and Family Vi have been shipped today... Thank you all for your patience, enjoy using your Vi.

    40. Anderson Gammon Creator on

      Hi Felipe, I'm sorry you feel this way, you'll be pleased to know that I've been working all weekend to ensure I can fulfil all the family and orange backers - to go along with fulfilling any that people may have missed. I appreciate your patience and backing on this startup venture, I will message you a proof of postage tomorrow.

    41. Felipe on

      Hey! I paid for a Vii family to be delivered at Cancun, Mexico. Where is my product! Either you send me a delivery confirmation, send another as soon as possible or give me my money back! I'm tired of waiting and listening to all excuses.

    42. Anderson Gammon Creator on

      Purple has shipped Pete, I sent them off on the 8th of March.

    43. Pete Harrower on

      Has the purple shipped?

    44. Anderson Gammon Creator on

      Hey guys, I'm going to post an update today around the slight issue I've got, this time it's not quality, it's colour, it would appear they left the anodising in to long and it's taken the 'lime' green to a dark 'racing' green. I will post a picture today.

      I have right colour on their way, I will be posting an update tonight around options as I know you've all been waiting for quite a long time and I hate that!

      P.S. Orange are here also! I'm in the mists of constructing them right now ;) They will be sent this Saturday (I have work tomorrow.)

      Once again thank you for your patience, I'm nearly there with this. A

    45. Kieron Sloper on

      What's the news Anderson? Still keenly waiting on an update for the Green Vii...

    46. Missing avatar

      Feng Zhang on

      Anymore updates on the orange Vi?

    47. Anderson Gammon Creator on

      Nearly there - I received red and purple today. expect green and orange next week, I still had problems and had to reject a few.. I will post an update showing the issues I had and why it's taken so long.

    48. Pete Harrower on


      Thanks for the update. No worries about the delay. Understanding the issue and current status is helpful. I can appreciate that this is just as frustrating (if not more so) for you as it is for the project backers. Thanks.

    49. André Cittadela Dominico on

      Anderson, I'm still not received my Vii... You will send another? Thanks!

    50. Anderson Gammon Creator on

      P.S. I will post an in depth update tomorrow after I get some more concrete information.

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