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Two years in the making. "Twelve O'clock in Baltimore" follows the elusive, law-evading dirt bike groups of Baltimore.

This film explores the illegal practice of dirt bike riding through Baltimore City. Three riders from different neighborhoods are followed through the streets of Baltimore on their dirt bikes. Over the course of the film, their motivations for being part of the group are revealed. As the police are not legally allowed to pursue the bikes despite their being illegal to ride in the city, the complexity of tension between riders and police gets deeper.

The riders, converging from all parts of the inner city, regard their practice both as a recreation and a protest. The dirt bike culture of Baltimore is a primal and energetic response to the tension between social classes. When the riders embark on the city, they suddenly have a platform. It plays on the delicacy of their lives as they know it from their marginalized communities.

This film will illustrate the varying perspectives of the riders by accompanying the police in their pursuits, interviewing the city council, and confronting the deaths that come as a result.

I've been following a few subjects intimately for a while now, each one coming from a different age and ideology. The money raised will go into developing the characters even more by allowing a great deal of shooting over the next few months (additional shooting to be assisted by Errol Webber, Cinematographer for the 2010 academy award winning short documentary "Music by Prudence"). Beyond that, we aim to film from a police helicopter, give this the best editing treatment it can get, a great Bmore soundtrack, and a proper distribution.

Thanks so much for your support,

Lotfy and the production team

*Depending on distribution deals, the finished film release may come before or after the film festival circuit. We will be sure to let you know when it is coming your way.

**This offer does not include airfare or transport.

***Economy Class ticket (most likely). We will arrange accommodation, Only for travel within the USA.

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