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$4,037 pledged of $15,000 goal
By S. Sanfratello
$4,037 pledged of $15,000 goal

First week Summary: So far, thank you, but we're not going to make it


Our thanks to all of you who have followed, echoed and donated!

We had a vibrant first three days, but things have mostly flattened out since then.

So, we hope for a big jump, but it won't in the end affect if we can do this or not, just makes it harder to guarantee the kinds of entertainment that we had hoped for, the kinds of activities, etc. but we will still push on!

If you have pledged, we'd like to hold you to it, and hold ourselves as well. So, if this Kickstarter fails, please, stay with us. We'll contact you, or you can find us, and we can shake hands on the deal, and we can thank you personally for your support.

So, please, re-echo, re tweet, re share, and let's all beat the drum: we can make this work, but, this is just one step: the con will happen, and this is just another way you can help. again, thank you all, and we'll hope to see everyone at Up in the Aether, the Party, at Phoenix Cafe, Hazel Park, MI on Friday the 28th!


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    1. S. Sanfratello Creator on October 1, 2012

      A brief Note, in the spirit of our community-mindedness: so you can see what we are speaking of with other donors.

      We received some questions for a high level backer, and I thought they were rather good. so, from us to you. On additional guests, High Tea and concerts, and other details of note.


      In summary, let me begin by saying, welcome, and thank you. We will go to considerable lengths to gain your support, esp. when you are asking such reasonable things. Allow me to respond in detail:

      Bands: We are still in negotiation, based on out budget and projected and real pre-registrations. At current, we are signed with Eli August and V is for Villains. We are considering at least three other well know or soon to be known bands, and have verbal commitments from the Bawdy Boys. We won't, however, have Abney Park, as they are asking for $8k, as compared to our projected total budget of $40k. Simply, we cannot afford them.
      Some additional bands which you may want to consider your interest in would include:
      Ford Theatre Reunion, Doc Colony, Hayley Jane, and the Nathanial Johnstone Band.

      High Tea: as the Victorians ate much less meat than us, I can assure you that there will be interesting curries and other vegetarian dishes. Your consideration for mushrooms will also be taken into consideration as we develop the menu, and will be published when developed.

      We intend to offer Royal Society tickets, but at this time, I have not yet seen a written plan for how that will be done. Again, details to be published this calendar year.

      All of the existing offers will be offered after the Kickstarter ends. As we don't expect it to succeed, I am asking all pledgers to commit to us, regardless of the middle man, and we will, also, keep all of our pledges. Thus, you have time.

      Tickets for both the private concert and High tea will likely only be available through a pledge donation process, rather than tickets at the door, as it is intended as a thank you for early supporters. A Low Tea will be available for regular purchase.

      We will honor your additional guest, and yes, the program lack is an oversight. the KS interface is not the most helpful for editing. My apologies.

      As to all other events and activities, there is still much to be planned. We have just come to an agreement with our host hotel, and so we can now begin to plan events, and programming will be announced, honestly, for months to come. we are hoping for an art show, a Formal Ball, we will be having a multi DJ rave, starring Dr. Tommy Toony, Psychobus, Dr. Q, Vourteque and at least one other . Aegis will be offering its usual stint of semi-high risk activities, and we have the same Vendor liaison as WSE had last year. Planned tracks are currently including: Technology, DYI, Food and culture, Music, Vendor, Special events, Literature, Artist, possibly Indulgence if time permits, Mayhem, and one or two others I cannot recall at the moment, but, you have the idea.

      As to refunds, there will be no need. I have put my name on this adventure, and it will succeed. I will tolerate nothing less than a killer, three day party.

      Please feel free to contact me directly with any further questions you may have, and please accept my thank you for your patience. For the handful of us who are beginning this, we're only about two months in, and we can see where the event road widens, and it seems like its been forever, but soon, there will be lots of details, a larger participatory staff, and loads and loads of conversation.

      Sal Sanfratello Jr.