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We are women opening a vegan&meat sandwich shop in N. Portland. but we need a fridge to keep all these local organic ingredients cool.

Brass Tack Sandwiches is headed by Amanda (Ami) Taylor, and her hardworking partner Sara Pavao.  We wanted to start a sandwich shop in north or northeast Portland to add a little variety to the neighborhood.  It is important to us that everyone can feel comfortable eating together, so we made sure that both the Meat and Vegan menu are mind-blowingly good.  Misty Seminara has developed a Vegan menu from scratch, with 4 vegan meats and all the condiments, soups, and cold salads crafted with love, and seasoned with magic. We've made sure to get the most local, responsible (cruelty free), and organic meats, cheeses, and breads in town. We even made sure to get some gluten free, made from scratch, deliciousness for those with that wheat allergy.  We've done a lot of digging around, and we are so close to opening our doors it hurts a little.  We just need a few more dollars to get the last few things we need, like a refrigerator, and separate meat slicers, and food warmers...and one or two other little things.  This is a space where we can have shows, and we have space on our walls for art.  We hope that the whole community will be able to benefit from this dream/adventure.  Thanks so much for your help!


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    You get Free Entry to our Benefit show! ($8-$10 at the door) Your name will be on "the list" for the show at Mudi Lounge on May 21st at 8pm. the line up is great, and we couldn't be happier about it. The Reservations Formica Man Breezin The Woolen Men DJ Landlord if you can't make it, we'll send you a tape of the show!

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    At the $10.00 price range you get into the show for free, and 1 free sandwich of your choice! You will also be invited to the soft opening of the shop!

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    You get the Date Package! 2 sandwiches, and 1 cold salad of your choice! able to use these any old time, so you can save it for when you visit if you don't live here yet.

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    At the $50.00 range Misty will "Veganize" your favorite deli meat! You will also, get the Date Package, and a free sandwich, and into the show for free, and invited to the soft opening!

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    Cool! you get the first two plus a hand screened sandwich print! on a t-shirt!

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    Wow, awesome, you also get a 2 pint jar of our home made, soon to be famous Dill Pickles.

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    at the $500.00 level you get everything, and your picture on our "thank you wall" posted in the shop. you also get to pick the "sandwich of the week" go crazy, name it anything you like, put whatever we have on it. for example : the "Velveeta Underground" with our vegan oat and cashew cheese, and Misty's magic sweet smokey's just that easy.

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    jee wiz, this better be a good one.....well heck, we'll just make your sandwich of the week, the sandwich of the year. and also, we'll think about kissing your feet.

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