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A documentary film about Mormon singles and their annual journey to Duck Beach to party 'Mormon style' and look for a future spouse.
A documentary film about Mormon singles and their annual journey to Duck Beach to party 'Mormon style' and look for a future spouse.
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    1. Nat Harward on

      Hey what's the status on shipping DVDs to backers?

    2. Missing avatar

      Bridget McGregor on

      why have i yet to receive my dvd or any form of communication from you as to why it has not arrived?

    3. Missing avatar

      Joe Mildenhall on

      Any update on the shipments. I hate when communications go dark after missing a date...

    4. Missing avatar


      still no response from you. have tried contacting via multiple routes. help please

    5. Missing avatar


      got a message to provide my address for DVD shipment in Nov, still haven't gotten it. Sent an email, with no reply, Dec 1. What's up?

    6. David Alba on

      What's the latest on the film?

    7. Nat Harward on

      What's the latest?

    8. Mark Wheaton on

      Yay, congratulations! Can't wait to see the film.

    9. Douglas Wood on

      So, is this now to be categorized as a Duckumentary?

    10. Big Iron Productions and Laura Naylor Creator on

      hey Jason. Thanks so much for the kind words. We have definitely learned it should be called Duck. Excited to go. Will you be there this year? Thanks for your support!

    11. Jason Winn on

      I'm very interested in this project, since it documents a place I have spent over 30 years going to on vacation. Good luck guys! By the way NO ONE calls it Duck Beach. We call it Duck.

    12. Missing avatar

      paul frandsen on

      congratulations! good luck with the shoot! very excited for the final product...

    13. Big Iron Productions and Laura Naylor Creator on

      We made our goal! Thanks to everyone for your support! We still have 9 days to go! Very exciting. We look forward to making this a successful project!

    14. Missing avatar

      Zach Thomson on

      Congratulations guys. We need more LDS film makers to produce decent content that is not offensive nor too watered down and hokey. I am excited to see how it turns out.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jenni Terry on

      Congratulations on reaching your goal!

    16. Missing avatar

      blain on

      Looks like we made it.

    17. Christopher Cole on

      Congratulations, everyone!!!

    18. Katie Clifford on

      ahem, pretty sure the people who go to Duck Beach will be beyond disappointed if it's truly "a quiet weekend". They go precisely for the mayhem. The crowd that goes to Duck is going to eat this UP.

    19. Missing avatar

      paul frandsen on

      I too am excited for the project. The music is a great representation of young Mormons partying with an eye towards an eternal match. I look forward to a great story from compelling people.

    20. Douglas Wood on

      Thanks for doing a project like this. I, for one, DON"T mind the music/image mentioned by the other commenter. Some of "US" actually believe that diversity of opinion and expression is to be encouraged and embraced.

    21. Missing avatar

      cooladobe on

      I think the juxtaposition of the rock music with the temple i your video is disrespectul and irreverant. And I feel sorry for all the unsuspecting people at Duck Beach who just want to have a quiet weekend. I hope they are able to avoid you.