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A documentary film about Mormon singles and their annual journey to Duck Beach to party 'Mormon style' and look for a future spouse. Read more

New York, NY Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on May 23, 2011.

A documentary film about Mormon singles and their annual journey to Duck Beach to party 'Mormon style' and look for a future spouse.

New York, NY Documentary
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We've reached our goal and want to thank all who have contributed to our project and helped spread the word!  We couldn't have done this without you.

We still have time to raise additional (and needed) funds, which will go directly towards editing, color correcting and mastering our film.  

We greatly appreciate your continued support!


Every Memorial Day weekend nearly a thousand Mormon singles from all over the country flock to North Carolina and congregate in rental houses on Duck Beach.  There, they party (without alcohol), hook up (without sex) and strut their stuff for three days on the beach.  It's essentially Mormon Spring Break. We've learned, however, that many of the singles participate with genuine hopes of finding a spouse, or eternal companion.  

The Film will follow four quite different but equally captivating singles who are going to Duck Beach this year.  We'll see the event through their eyes and learn about what it means to be single and Mormon at an age where, according to the culture, you should have been married long ago.  

Duck Beach is a microcosm of Mormon single life.  In this compressed world, we'll see the pressures that single Mormons experience: struggling to remain chaste as a single adult, battling the fierce competition within dating circles, and engaging in the constant search to find a spouse. We'll also see how they let loose and have a good time within the constraints of religion.  

As documentarians, we want to portray our story with objectivity and honesty. The people we're filming have put a lot of trust in our vision, and we want to thank them for opening their lives to us.   


We need your support to make our film a success. We're heading to Duck Beach this Memorial Day weekend to do the bulk of our shooting.  Your contribution will allow us to hire additional crew members and rent professional equipment so that we end up with high-quality footage moving into post production. If we reach our funding goal, we'll also be able to get a jump start on editing, color correction, and sound mixing.    

We're lucky to have found a donor who will match every dollar we raise on Kickstarter, so every dollar you give counts double!


Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing way to raise money for creative projects.  We've set a fundraising goal and a deadline by which we need to meet that goal. The trick is that if we don't reach our goal by this deadline, we don't get any of the funds that our supporters have pledged.  Help us not let that happen!

On the bright side, we can go over our goal (and hope to do so).  We'll use any additional funds for post-production and mastering the film so we can present the best possible cut to film festivals.  

We're incredibly grateful to you for your support, and we can't wait to share our film with you. THANK YOU!


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