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The Original BarBack Multi-Tool "9 Beverage Tools in 1"'s video poster

The Original BarBack Tool is the World's First and Only 9-way, Multi-functional Beverage Service Tool--for Pro and Amateur Uses, alike. Read more

Albany, NY Design
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This project was successfully funded on March 16, 2012.

The Original BarBack Tool is the World's First and Only 9-way, Multi-functional Beverage Service Tool--for Pro and Amateur Uses, alike.

Albany, NY Design
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About this project

(*Note* We are very sorry about the confusion, but please include designated SHIPPING FEES when ordering) Thank You Kindly :)

What Exactly is The Original BarBack Multi-Tool?   

The BarBack is a recently Patented, innovative multi-tool which is designed to provide up to 9 essential tools and functions, commonly needed by all pro-bartenders, restaurant servers, and home-recreational mixologists alike.

The BarBack will be connected to the unit casing via spring-loaded hinges, locking mechanisms and convenient "fold-out" technology…similar to the various existing multi-tools and camping knives already on the market.

The BarBack will measure approximately 7 1/2”  x  1 ½”  x a mere ½” in total thickness.

A compact, handheld unit, The BarBack would boast a shiny, polished, stainless steel body featuring softly rounded edges inside of which a series of easily accessed tools are conveniently stored.

Here is one of my 2nd series of fully functioning 'rough drafts', of which I call the “frankenstein-prototypes”, and I have used them regularly on the job during busy shifts for the past 4 years.  In fact, several of my bartender associates also use my fully-functioning 'rough draft' prototypes, and they love them.

 A Few Key Points:

  • The Original BarBack will be durable and water-resistant in order to protect the internal stainless steel parts and electrical components and will also be lightweight, non-cumbersome and can fit into any pocket or clipped to a belt or keychain.
  • The BarBack Tool will be ECO-FRIENDLY by eliminating the need for multiple tools with packaging.
  • The BarBack Tool will also be BUDGET FRIENDLY by encompassing a variety of tools which are normally $old $eperately.

Who wants one?!

In addition to bartenders and food service professionals, many average people will also find an occasion to use The Original BarBack™ Tool, either as a permanent kitchen drawer utensil for themselves or as a gift. Any one from  home-bartenders, to boaters, golfers, RVers, campers and tailgaters will find many occasions to use The BarBack Tool.

The best bartenders and servers work with a perfect balance of fluidity, technical skills, speed, efficiency and personality. Every bartender and food service professional will want to own this $39 tool which enhances those skills and is designed to increase ones’ productivity at work.

Most of all, The Original BarBack Tool will be Easy and Fun to Use!

Keep one on your boat, RV or golf cart. Comes in real handy for the backyard BBQs and with the illuminated magnifying lens, pro-servers can check I.D.’s for legal birth date or illuminate the menu or bill for their guests and get the bigger tips.

What makes The Original BarBack Tool so different? 

This "Revolutionary & Ultra-Modern" Multi-Tool would provide BOTH Pro and Amateur Mixologists or Food Service Professionals with all of the implements needed for the job or gathering, into One, Compact and Sleek unit.

These tools include, but are not limited to:

1.     A bottle cap popper

2.     A double lever wine key with corkscrew which also has a zester built in

3.     A high-beam LED flashlight

4.     A fold-out, “back-up” fruit garnish knife with a serrated edge for safety

5.     A “wide ribbon” lemon twist peeler

6.     A wine foil cutter which is discreetly located on the handle

7.     An illuminated magnifying lens for I.D. verification and counterfeit bill  examination

8.    A fold-out, “boy scout” juice can opener

9.     A removable belt clip

10.    A removable clip for Standard Ink Pens

11.  A "Deluxe" model with digital stopwatch (coming 2013)

 Every component of The BarBack Tool is completely Novel, Smart and Modern in concept. As a whole, the tool offers simple solutions to some basic, real-world inconveniences and offers better Problem Solving results than any existing bar tool alone.

 Featuring Innovative, Patented Designs, such  as:

  • the never before seen “concave bottle opener edge”,
  • the improved double lever wine key arm, for better cork removal leverage, which also doubles in function as a citrus zester,
  • the illuminated magnifying lens for I.D. verification and counterfeit bill examination, with High Beam L.E.D. flashlight (my personal favorite feature)
  • the wine foil cutter and lemon twist peeler , just to name a few.

Why would you buy all your beverage tools separately? 

The Original BarBack combines all the tools needed for the job, recreation or household beverage service into one convenient tool…and is easy and fun to use.

By eliminating the need to stuff ones pockets or clutter up storage drawers with bottle openers, corkscrews, pens, flashlights, can-openers and fruit knives, The BarBack will enable the user to save time, effort and of course, money.

My recently patented, innovative design specs have been finely tuned over the past 5 yrs and are now ready for the costly Final Prototype phase.  We have been sifting through various tool manufacturers and factory quotes and have found several viable factories to produce the prototype and several thousand units, but we are at a stand-still without your help, Kickstarters.

With the precise combination of all the functions of these tools into one user-friendly unit, you can see how this tool will start as a basic want and eventually transform into an absolutely needed tool for millions of people.

Concave Bottle Opener Edge

My Patented design bottle cap opener has a more concave edge which allows for more “contact-points”, and is therefore easier to open bottles.

Commonly used flat-bar openers, either have a flat opener edge or a convex opener edge, making it often difficult to leverage open the bottle cap easily because of less connection points.

Improved Double Lever Wine Key 

Another example is that many wine keys that are most commonly used are only equipped with a one-step lever, which tends to bend and break the cork.

The BarBacks’ double lever wine key will work similarly to existing double lever wine keys except on The BarBack, the lever bar will be one solid steel arm, (rather than the currently popular style, which uses two lever arm pieces connected by a bolt, and eventually end up hanging loosely).

Zester Tool

Also, the wine lever bar doubles as a lemon zest peeler…this also does not exist in current bar tool designs.

Illuminated Magnifying Lens (durable plastic)

T-shirt and Logo design

What your pledges will help us to accomplish:

  • The Fine tuning of prototype development, with detail oriented precision, which is being done by C.Ideas Inc. in Crystal Lake Ill.  We have begun using a polyjet 3D printing process, and soon will be using an SLS (Selective Laser Sinering) process.  We will perfect and finalize the prototype by utilizing a high speed CNC machining process with the latest software. The finished product will be done by stamping and machining processes.
  • Mass production of the first finished units done by one of our affiliates overseas for now, but we are researching US factories and we are DETERMINED to find one who is cost effective.
  • Shipment of goods from factory to The BarBack headquarters, located just outside of Albany, NY.
  • Production of first line of T-shirts and Logo merchandise.

With Your Support, I WILL turn this project into a Reality in a matter of months!

The Original BarBack is destined to exist and will have a permanent place in modern, daily life…ending up in hotels, restaurants, golf carts, boats, RV’s, and every kitchen drawer in America and one day, the World.

If we can only raise $15,000 in pledges/pre-orders, the remaining funds will come from myself or private investors, and may take an extra 2 months of production. However, by achieving at least 750 pledges/pre-orders, I will be much better prepared to complete the final production phases, and deliver The BarBack Tool to Kickstarters by this summer.

Guarded with a US patent and trademark rights, The Original BarBack will be a “turn-key” operation once I move forward with prototype development and produce several thousand units, first for KICKSTARTERS, then to supply some of the largest bar-merchandise websites in the world, such as

I invite you to be among the First People in the World to own one of these Revolutionary, Ultra-Modern Beverage Tools. I would be honored to put a BarBack Tool into your home or workplace.


Beginning in 2013, a portion of all proceeds from The BarBack Tool will also be donated annually to organizations which promote “responsible alcohol awareness” such as MADD foundation.



  • The Original BarBack will not need a hinge because our Double Lever Wine Key System will actually provide superior leverage for cork extraction, just as well as a hinged lever, because of the placement/spacing of the corkscrew and Lever Arm. No Hinge=Less unnecessary moving parts=more durable.

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