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The Center for Otherworld Science studies and identifies all sorts of monsters and critters. We also drink lots of coffee.
The Center for Otherworld Science studies and identifies all sorts of monsters and critters. We also drink lots of coffee.
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oh my goodness, it's all full of boxes.


How is life in my shipping center(my living room), you ask? Well, it’s full of boxes. My household is helping. My husband is more useful than my cat. The cat is not useful.

This is what Date Night with my husband looks like now.

Shipping Updates

As of a week or so ago, I hit the 100 packages shipped mark! Which is awesome! Most are domestic packages, but I’ve also started on shipping intl packages this week as well. If you are wondering when your package will arrive, I’m going approximately in order of pledge received for your pledge the earlier you pledged, the more likely you are to have received it already. There is an exception...I kept on delaying on shipping packages to people whose names I recognized so I could throw in little treats...but honestly, shipping is overwhelming, so I’m going to get to shipping all those out now! You might get a sharpie doodle on your box, though?

120 of 248 packages shipped. That's ALMOST HALF OF THEM!

Other News

I have an art show opening in May, for those of you who might want to buy some of my sculptures. It’s sort of a spin-off of the Center for Otherworld Science, and a collaboration with my friend Leslie Levings(Beastlies) called the “Corner Museum of Dubious Beasts”. You can think of it as the Center for Otherworld Science lending some of its collection to the Corner Museum(the art show is literally in a corner of a store). If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you should come check it out and say hi at the opening!

“Inspired by early cabinets of curiosities and the mustiest corners of old museums, critter curators and sculptors Leslie Levings and Shing Yin Khor unveil a collection of strange and wonderful beady eyed things in The Corner Museum of Dubious Beasts.”


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    1. Jamie Dutton on

      Tell your hubby we said "thank you for helping!" Your show looks like it would be awesome, but alas I am in Oklahoma. Hope you have a great time and good luck with the rest of the shipping!

    2. Anna Ziesak on

      The show looks wonderful! If I didn't live in Montana I would go, I hope it's a blast! tThanks for the update, let us know if any of your sculptures go up for sale on the 'net!

    3. Christina

      Thank you for a wonderful update. I love receiving photos of what is going on etc. The advertisement for your show looks great. - too had I am in Toronto Canada and can't drop by. :). But I wish you well.