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The Center for Otherworld Science studies and identifies all sorts of monsters and critters. We also drink lots of coffee.
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Shing Yin Khor

253 backers pledged $7,170 to help bring this project to life.

lots of boxes, and a pie chart!

The large order of mugs are in! That’s a lot of boxes, and I have resigned myself to my living room being inventory management for the next couple months.

Shipping continues apace, if a bit more like a snail’s pace, but I’ve scheduled several Big Shipping Weekends in March and April, where the majority of packages will go out. Still, it is progress! If you pledged in the $15, $20, $25 and $30 levels, I am working through shipping these levels! Remember, the anticipated delivery date is still April 2013, and I’m really kind of swamped, so please try to avoid asking me when you’ll get your packages! The answer is “By the end of April 2013, and maybe earlier.” You are welcome to bug me in May.

For those who are interested in Kickstarter statistics and pie charts, I also wrote Part 1 of my Kickstarter postmortem, where I took a look at how many pledges came from friends, as well as at my referrer data. If you’re into that kind of thing, it can be found at my website, Sawdust Bear Makes Things!

I’ve also been getting some pictures in from mug recipients and it really the most wonderful thing to see them being used! Some have been reuniting with some of my sculptures, including some of my really early work! :)

(from @HoneyM0nster on twitter.)


(from, who also makes fun monsters!)

(from @akanekun on twitter)

As usual, you can keep up with my art, shipping frustrations, and other progress on Twitter(@sawdustbear), Facebook and Instagram(@sawdustbear). Thank you!

38 of 248 packages shipped - about 15% shipped!


    1. Creator Andrew Kozma on March 6, 2013

      I just wanted to say that I love the mugs. My girlfriend and I have already put them through their paces.

      Also, the postcards are awesome. Yay!

    2. Creator Christina on March 6, 2013

      Great photos! Make me even more excited for when my own package arrives! :)