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If you buy our completed mockumentary now, we can go to different cities to start discussions about the future. And giant spiders.
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Jim Munroe

820 backers pledged $19,999 to help bring this project to life.

London Premiere Pix & Ghosty Stuff to Do

These lucky folks were the first to see Ghosts With Shit Jobs at its premiere in London England. Check out some more pics! In a few hours I'm heading out to a cinema in Berlin that'll be showing Ghosts tonight.

It's your backing that will allow us to bring the flick to more theatres like this. 

But what do do in the month or so til you get to see it yourself?

Play the Text Adventure Videogame

That's right, there's a game where you can play Toph, one of the Silk Gatherers, and try to get off the roof that Anton's trapped you on. Set a bit before the events in the movie. Play it here!

Watch the Little Movie About the Movie

We made a short video full of tips for folks that might want to make no-budget lo-fi sci-fi. The production value's raw and the talk is candid! Watch it here!

Spread the Word in Your City

Did a quick tally for the cities so far and this is what we're looking at vote wise: New York City (9), Austin (7), Seattle (5), Los Angeles (5), Ann Arbor (4), Boston (4), Chicago (3),  Vancouver (2), Nanaimo (1), Calgary (1), Minneapolis (1), & Montreal (1).

Remember to tell people they'll get a complimentary ticket if they pledge $10 or more and your city is chosen and to indicate the city they're from in the Kickstarter settings!

Get Ready for the New Reward Next Week!

There's going to be a new reward we just thought of and are busily putting into production, so prepare yourself for it -- if you dig it more than the current reward you have you can always change it to that before the 18th. We're hoping to get to $12,000 and be able to hit a dozen cities.

Thanks again for your support guys.

Jim Munroe and the cast and crew of Ghosts With Shit Jobs