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When you hear "Boneshaker Books 2012," think: nano cinema, children's paradise, free art gallery and meeting space, more great books!

Boneshaker Books is alive and thriving! We're slinging books, pushing our pedals to your doorsteps and providing a book selection where every title is hand selected by our volunteers and community suggestions. We're growing and have big plans for our second year.

What's the big whoop? We want to build an entire room in the store dedicated to kids. We will increase our children's inventory and continue to curate a children's selection that engages little ones, sparks their imagination, and empowers them to learn and explore. With a space that's totally their own, we can host more children's events and give children more time to explore everything that books have to offer. We consider this our top priority for 2012. 

We also have a meeting room in the store just begging for improvement. Right now it operates as free meeting space for nonprofits and radical groups in the Twin Cities, but it could be so much more. With your support we're going to remodel this space to be a full-fledged gallery space for local and traveling artists and a nano cinema where we'll show films by local and international filmmakers. We also want to ensure this room can remain free for groups who need it. 

Big plans- this is how we're going to do it:

A wonderful architect who has volunteered her time to help us design and build our upcoming children's nook and convert our meeting room into a multimedia event space. We've drawn up floor plans and priced furnishings, equipment, and the inventory to make it happen. Here's a link to these plans: It takes people power too, and Boneshaker has over 40 dedicated volunteers who are excited to work on these projects and get them done soon.

What's left? The funding. Our overall goal is $10,000, and Kickstarter will provide half of it. We're calling on your support. We're depending on supporters from the past and new folks to get involved in our project to reach our goal.  

This money will fully fund our 2012 dreams by allowing us the budget to purchase the expanded inventory and furnishings, buy a projector and A/V equipment, improve the lighting for our upcoming gallery, and design each space to its full potential. 


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