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The long awaited first full-length comic book by legendary musician and artist Daniel Johnston featuring Daniel's music and images.
The long awaited first full-length comic book by legendary musician and artist Daniel Johnston featuring Daniel's music and images.
433 backers pledged $26,364 to help bring this project to life.

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      deleted on December 18, 2012

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

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      chris w on November 28, 2012

      @Mozza - yeah, one of the last updates directed us to, but I only see links to buy or download an iPad app.

      And should we have received the download code for the MP3 album? I see it was released in April, but I don't remember receiving an email. Could have been blocked by spam filters by accident...

    3. Missing avatar

      deleted on June 8, 2012

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    4. Jimmy on March 29, 2012

      Just got my comic book! Haven't smiled so much in a while

      Thanks Daniel!!!!!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Stephen on March 9, 2012

      Any way to update our address? I've since moved.

    6. augusto gonzalez polo on December 30, 2011

      I need to change my Address!!! How can I do it?

    7. mark irving on August 2, 2011

      hi daniel - wll done! i saw you live in newcastle uk and am still smiling. good luck xx

    8. Chalk Maze on June 30, 2011

      Should be getting close :)

    9. Timothy Green on June 25, 2011

      Any updates? Delays?

    10. Jana on March 7, 2011

      aaaaaaaaah!! i'm sorry i missed it (found out too late)
      is it still possible to pledge?

    11. Eric Wirjanata on March 6, 2011

      Glad to be able to join the kickstarter to support my favorite artist.

      power to Daniel... can't wait to receive my copy.


    12. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo Torres on March 2, 2011

      Love from México

    13. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo Torres on March 2, 2011

      Thank you for everything Dan, this is hardly a way to give something back but it's something. You are truely a great artist. Keep bring it it to the world

    14. verbaL2Visual on February 19, 2011

      God bless you Daniel!

    15. Teresa Haddock on February 17, 2011

      Highly anticipating holding your comic and feeling the pages between my fingers. I'm excited to absorb the wonderful images. I love everything you do. It's a pleasure and an honour to help ya Daniel, I only wish I could have helped more.

    16. Daniel Johnston Creator on February 13, 2011

      Jason and Colton - thank you for the kind words. We appreciate you supporting the comic book - and thanks for enjoying the music!

    17. Jason Fleming on February 13, 2011 your work! Thank You for all you do -

    18. Jimmy on February 12, 2011

      Hey Daniel, I've been listening to your music for the last few weeks when I found out about you... haven't been able to listen to anyone else. I'm very excited to have found this in time to pledge...

      Really excited for you and your work!

    19. Daniel Johnston Creator on February 7, 2011

      Hi Michael - yes postage is included in the pledge amount.

      Thank you!

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael on February 6, 2011

      I'm sure this will be a wonderful book, best wishes to you, Daniel! Can't wait to see it, so I just backed. One question: Is the postage already included in the amount?

    21. Denise Herrick on February 5, 2011

      Best wishes to you on this wonderful project!

    22. Paul Ashton on February 4, 2011

      Good luck Daniel. Happy drawing.

    23. Daniel Johnston Creator on February 4, 2011

      Madnell - Hi, How Are You?

      Sending love, thanks, and an autographed limited-edition poster plus the comic book to you!

    24. MOLLY ANDREWS on February 4, 2011


    25. Daniel Johnston Creator on February 3, 2011

      Thank for Liz, Meg, and Jon for the nice comments!

    26. Liz Medina on February 2, 2011

      Your work has really resonated with me as an artist. I can't wait to see your music and artwork fused together in this beautiful project. Stay true and wonderful

    27. megpeg on January 30, 2011

      i wish i could pledge, but im in johannesburg with no american bank account. what id give for a signed book, good luck daniel, we love your art.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jon O on January 27, 2011

      Been a fan of your music and artwork for a long time, I'm so glad that you're making some comics! Keep up the great work, your inspiration is changing the world.

    29. Mat Weller on January 27, 2011

      Mr. Johnston, I wish you luck with your project! I wanted to make sure you knew about though. They're a pure online comic that publishes special editions when it's worth it, which is the way all comics (and all media for that matter) are heading. But they're in a better position than the big guys because they're smaller, more agile, and forward-thinking. Just consider them in you're process. They're doing for comics what and the new breed of indie authors who release free audiobooks are doing for the book publishing industry.

    30. Daniel Johnston Creator on January 24, 2011

      Thanks everyone! The project is a go!

      Additional donations are certainly needed and appreciated as the project is developed launched and marketed.

      And...a lot of cool pledge rewards remain including autographed first-printing copies of what is sure to become a collectable and original artwork from the comic book!

    31. Jeanine Fisher on January 22, 2011

      I hope the goal is met. I am glad to have helped!