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      John Attwood on

      I was looking forward to having one of these to carry my phone with me in the snow - it isn't JUST about the shower. In fact I'd never think to listen to my phone in the shower - rather use the shower time to get clean ;) BUT, and this is where I think you may have missed out, there are all sorts of uses - like waterproofing a GPS tracker, phone, mp3 player while skiing/surfing/hang-gliding/whatever where you might just end up wet (and want to protect your gear from the elements.
      Disappointed, but hope you keep on thinking about it, and maybe submit a revision that will appeal to a wider audience.

    2. Evan Schwartz on

      @Patrick Puett There's about 22 days left and less than $400 pledged. Maybe you should changed the project page a bit. Try changing the picture to a more attractive one. Maybe change the title too, as it doesn't tell backers what the project is before clicking your page. The new title could be "Waterproof phone pouch/bag", "Shower with your phone", or something along those lines. If you need help with or opinions on anything just message me here in the comments or via private message.

    3. Missing avatar

      Patrick Puett (deleted) Creator on

      @Evan Great show isn't it? Thanks for the complement.The tape isn't permanent, I accidentally left that out of the description. I'll change that. The tape is removable, from what I've read but not used personally, with anything from specific adhesive removers sold by 3m to common commercial solvents like Goo-Gone. Again I haven't personally tried it though. I'll try it out soon when I pick some up and let you know. Yeah I can do that tissue idea within the next few days and post it in the project or as an update. Finally it's the theme song to Always Sunny In Philadelphia, the specific name is Temptation Sensation by Heinz Kiessling. I found out it was in the public domain awhile back and had to use it.

    4. Evan Schwartz on

      I wanted to watch the rest of that ModernMarvels video! Anyway, this seems like a great product. I guess from the description of that tape though, it's permanent. Any recommendations for a strong but removable adhesive for public (college communal) showers? Also, could you post a video of a tissue in the Bullseye Bag, staying dry from the steam of a shower and then staying dry after a dip in the water? Lastly what is that music on your video? I've heard it before, it's corny advertising music, I love it!