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Botiful is an Android powered robot revolutionizing the way you communicate with distant people.
Botiful is an Android powered robot revolutionizing the way you communicate with distant people.
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    1. Scott Zelenka on

      I recently changed Mac's and need to download the Mac control software again, but appears to be down? Where can I access the desktop software?

    2. Claire Creator on

      Hey Varun,
      It's going to impact Botiful as well. I am quite surprised they are announcing December, last time I checked it was June 2014. I am working on an alternative with Hangout and another with Webrtc.
      Until Skype decide to redevelop something. I will try to reach out to them to know what's going on for sure. In the meantime, be very careful not to update your Skype on the desktop.
      Thanks for notifying me, I will check and do an announcement asap.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nigel Powell on

      I've got a Botiful I am not using which is now for sale. I'm in the UK. It's in perfect condition. Email me at checka at objectmail dot com for details.

    4. Kevin Krumwiede on

      Never received mine... Any updates Claire? I'm ok with the fully assembled bot rather than the kit... I think you said that was all you had. Thanks!

    5. Elizabeth Brokaw on

      I never received an email with the GitHub link to the SDK. Is it up?

    6. Missing avatar

      AdelK on

      Just a word to Jameel and Win8: first installation don't work but the second try worked fine and we have a lot of fun with the botiful.

    7. Claire Creator on

      David : thanks for your feedback, I am adding your phone to the list ! Right now I only have fully assembled bot but in the future, it would be a cool idea to have kits.
      Especially if I add new sensors !

    8. Claire Creator on

      Thanks Roger for your feedback :) I am glad you like it !
      Olivier : very good point about enhancing the interface, I will work on that just after releasing the SDK
      btw where are you located (witch city/country) ? I tested the latency from various places around the world and most of the time latencies are ok.
      It could also depend a lot on the local bandwidth, especially if both the driving interface and the robot are in the same location.

      Thanks !

    9. Missing avatar

      Roger Knott on

      got my botiful and playing with it. It is pretty cool! Thank you.

    10. Oliver Brupbacher on

      - head tilt to predefined positions instead of the arrows (bottom/middle/top)
      - movement commands like ... drive 10cm forward - turn 90 degree (approx) drive 10 cm ... blabla


    11. Oliver Brupbacher on

      fantastic, works :-) its hillarious to see yourself as a tiny little thing driving around and making noises :-) and talking, -> USB debug mode 'on' did the trick, after that it went without problems. steering the robot is somewhat difficult, an alternative command based method (assemble a few commands and send them all at once) would be cool to overcome the network lags, or interface showing the pending commands that have not yet reached the bot ... the network lags are hard/impossible to overcome ... what ever i say, botiful is cute and cool and i like the biipbiiip of the road runner, this one is essential!!!

    12. David Simmons on

      Receive my Botiful Tuesday. Been stress testing it to see how long the battery will last. BTW I'm using the OG Motorola Atrix and it connects fine, so you can add it to the list of phones it work with.
      My boss have a boyscout troop and was wondering if you sell it in kit form so they can do it as a project.

    13. Claire Creator on

      Hi Jamel,

      Thanks you for your feedback and sorry about the trouble. I am working right now on new releases for Mac and Windows that will fix some problems discovered today.
      Additionally, there is a problem on Windows 8 I can't figure it out yet. On the Mac platform, the new release will give more information about problems.
      Regarding the "No connection" on the Android app, could tell me if you are trying while connected to internet with 3G/4G or with a wifi connection ? The message is basically saying that there is a problem of connection with distant servers. It is not related to the robot.


    14. Missing avatar

      Jameel Iqbal on

      I am having several problems. On Windows 8 the download remote can't seem to find Skype. I redownloaded Skype today and still no luck. On Mac 10.6 the remote installs but again never seems to connect to a fresh install of Skype. Lastly on a Nexus One, I get control of the botiful via the app, but the app always says "No connection" at the top. From what I garner it appears to be an issue with the skype connection. Skype dial-in works great on the N1 so I don't understand why the app is not seeing an active Skype connection. The N1 is on GB. My N7 is dead but I get my G Nex back from repair tomorrow and will give it a try and report back. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Thomas Stopyra on

      I am getting the same cannot connect message as Marcus using Mac OS X Lion. Any tips for Mac?


    16. Claire Creator on

      Hi Marcus,

      Thanks for your message,
      Are you running Windows or Mac ? If on Windows could you try to run it as an administrator and send me the log file generated into the installation directory on
      Thanks !

    17. Marcus Rosenthal on

      Claire, Botiful looks great! Thanks for creating it. Is the Skype client from the PC working? It just says 'Cannot connect to Skype. Please make sure Skype is started and your computer is connected to the internet.' I have confirmed that my skype connection is working. Any suggestions.

    18. Claire Creator on

      Hey Olivier,
      Do you know if Open Accessory is working on your phone ?
      Last solution, you can turn on the USB debugging on you phone, the USB connection always work that way,

      Let me know !

    19. Oliver Brupbacher on

      great! loogs cool and feels solid! i hooked my android phone with the latest android 4.1.2, skype installed, video tested, plugs fit and bot has a blue light and i connected it via USB. but i get no connection between phone and bot (seems to work between botiful software and skype) I also get a message that IOIO cannot reconginze the divice ... can you help or do you have some manual or instructions? cheers, looking forward to hear from you :-) great work!

    20. Claire Creator on

      Hi David,

      The first part of the SDK will be released early March. Access will be granted first to SDK to Botifulers with the SDK pledge.

      Thanks !

    21. Missing avatar

      David Uhalley on

      Hi Claire, are there any updates concerning the SDK access you can share with us?

    22. Varun Nangia on

      Claire, my Botiful arrived today and she looks beautiful. I cannot wait for the software to be out. If you have a pre-release that needs testing, please let me know, most happy to test!


    23. Missing avatar

      Mark Amaro on

      Got mine today too. Looks great. Can't wait to use it.

    24. Henrik Olander on

      Got mine today and it's my birthday today!!! !
      Nice, what a super present! :-)
      Now waiting for SW and skype plugins:-)

    25. Sam Lau on

      @Andrew, just get one online, is only a couple of bucks delivered.

    26. Missing avatar

      Mark Amaro on

      I plan on using my old Galaxy S2

    27. Ben Rolfe on

      Unit arrived! Looks great Claire, well done. Now off to get a second hand android phone just to use with the Botiful. Any recommendations?

    28. Claire Creator on

      Hi Andrew,
      Sorry of not being able to send thee correct plug, I learn that only to kinds of plugs were provided (US/Europe) to late to change them.
      You can still keep it for when you travel! Also it's 2A charger so it might be cheaper to buy an adapter. You can still charge it with the USB port on you computer or any other OTG compatible device, but in that case the charging current will be limited to 500mA.
      The best would be to use another charger you might have for a tablet/Ipad ? (just look at the Amp rating written on it).
      Sorry again for the disagreement.

    29. Andrew Nicholls

      @Mark: Yes, but that still leaves the US plug as a waste of money.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mark Amaro on

      @Andrew couldn't you just charge it via usb of a computer too?

    31. Missing avatar

      Mark Amaro on

      I got my tracking number!

    32. Andrew Nicholls

      Lol.. I just got the email telling me my botiful's on the way, with the tracking number :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Mark Amaro on

      Can't wait till I get mine here in the USA.

    34. Andrew Nicholls

      I just received my Botiful (in "the outback" of Australia), thanks! One small complaint (I haven't used it yet) - the USB charger is useless to me - it has got a US style plug. I could by an adaptor, but it'd be just as cheap to buy a whole USB charger with Australian plug... so that is a bit of wasted money for the project.

    35. Missing avatar

      Mark Amaro on

      Should we be expecting the botifuls soon?

    36. David Simmons on

      Any new status update?

    37. Claire Creator on

      Dear Erik, Mark and Botifulers,
      The production is a little bit delayed as several electronics components for the embedded micro-controller won't be available in time. We decided to test alternative components that should work as the original one, but it will still take time to fully test them.
      The robots should now be produced end of November, beginning of December. The plan will be then to ship them from Taiwan by plane instead of boat and save 2 weeks. They should be delivered before Christmas.
      Regarding the forum, I started working on it but it’s still not ready yet.
      Let me know if you need more info !


    38. Missing avatar

      Erik D on

      I would also like an update on how the manufacturing is going. Is the delivery still planned for November? Furthermore, are there any plans for a forum where we can discuss Botiful and share code/ideas for development? (I saw the homepage has been updated a bit )

    39. Missing avatar

      ES on

      Hello Claire,

      Would you mind give us a timeline for the launch of the product ? I am very excited and I am waiting to see the robot by myself.

      Best regards,

    40. Claire Creator on

      Hi Marc,
      Thank you for your support! The project goal was $90k and I was planing on developing the IPhone version if the project was reaching $100k. I did not modify the amount, has Kickstarter does not allow it.
      As the project did not hit the $100K, I am looking at other financing alternatives to develop the IPhone version. It is definitively in the road map, but I can't give you a timeline now. Don't hesitate to send me a personal message for more info.
      All the best

    41. Marc Delingat on

      Hi Claire. Very happy to see that the project was funded. At some point you had posted that if you reach $90k you would also have an iPhone app version. Then you changed that to $100k after I had already committed. I was just wondering what your plans are for taking on the iPhone platform in addition to Android.

    42. Missing avatar

      Brendan Millard on

      Hey Claire,

      Sounds exciting! I'm actually in Taiwan myself right now, be cool to be able to meet up an check out the Botifuls if we are here at the same time and you have a chance :)

      Looking forward to the vid!



    43. Claire Creator on

      Hi Brendan !
      I am working super hard to get all the manufacturing details ready. Next step, fly to China and Taiwan to start the production !

      I also met with the awesome Android Skype Team. They liked Botiful a lot :). They just released a new version of the Skype Android app, with a really good video quality.
      It's going to be even better to drive Botiful.

      I am going to post some videos very soon about two Botiful apps using a laser and a color sensor. It is experimental, but it could show other usages of Botiful,

      All the best !

    44. Missing avatar

      Brendan Millard on

      Hi Claire,

      Any updates? Wondering how you are going creating all those wonderful botifuls? :)

    45. Missing avatar

      ultrafish on

      Well done! I'm looking forward to my Botiful!

    46. Andrew Noske on

      Congratulations Claire !!!
      I was a little worried for a while.... I'm so glad you reached your target goal. :)

    47. David Berglund on

      Congrats! This bot will be a lot of fun and perhaps useful even;)
      Great work, Claire!

      How will I be able to access the sdk at a later point if I didn't pledge for sdk access?

    48. Missing avatar

      Patrick F on


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